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What is the best way to tell if a new patient is working with the right dentist?

It can be challenging. Sometimes, it even causes anxiety among those who haven’t had the best dental experiences.

It’s understandable that new patients wonder what they’re getting into when they switch dentists. In particular, this is true if you’ve been visiting your dentist for many years. We’ve found that by ensuring that we do these five things, we are able to put our new patients at ease.

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On the phone, you’re welcomed

You have no doubt experienced the experience of calling a company and being greeted by a rude employee on the other end of the phone.

In our practice, we don’t operate that way. Whenever a new or existing patient calls the practice, the best dentist will strive to make them feel truly welcomed. One of their team members will make the booking on the dentist’s behalf, not the dentist themselves. By picking up the phone and seeing how happy the person answering it is, you can tell quite a bit about your dentist. If you do not feel welcomed over the phone, maybe you should tell the dental office directly.

You may need to find someone else to work with if they do not take your suggestions on board.

The best dentists provide dental care

A dentist who cares may sound cheesy, but it’s true. Doesn’t everyone care about their patients? Well, they may say it, but they don’t necessarily act on it. The best way to tell whether they care is by looking at their behavior.

You’ll be called by your name. Hello, Mrs. Jones. Thanks for stopping by! How long has it been since you last visited? Following the procedure, the physician will contact you. Hello Bob. Sally here from The Best Dentist. I’m calling to see how you’re doing after your procedure yesterday. Did everything go well?

They won’t leave you in the dark about what they are doing to you. You’re right, James. Let me just check your teeth. Feel free to tell me if anything feels strange.

Care goes a long way. It is easy to say that one cares. It is hard to demonstrate it.
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It takes time to find the best dentist

There has been an acceleration in life’s pace that affects every aspect of the individual’s life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had some time to take a breath and regroup before your visit to the dentist?

We work that way at Bespoke Dental. Everything revolves around time. You are understood properly by us. You get our full attention. Our approach is refreshing in a

We offer a refreshing approach in an age of rushing. It is loved by our patients.

Long-term planning is the hallmark of the best dentist

It takes a long time to provide quality dentistry.

If you perform regular hygiene cleanings, whiten your teeth during a lunch break, and restore a tooth, you can make quick wins.

The best dentist will keep an eye on a horizon further out when it comes to teeth they can keep for life.

Taking a much broader view, she will consider how your oral health affects your overall health, even monitoring your teeth for cancer, heart disease, and stroke risks.

Dentists are more than just doctors

The best dentists quickly realize the importance of patients’ relationships, even though dental school does not prepare you for it.

Dentists become part of a person’s broader support system by working with them for many years (even decades in some cases).

Getting to know people and their families means you need to check in every six months at the very least. It makes the experience of visiting the dentist more enjoyable, rather than a chore.

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