Wordle today, The limelight stealer

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Wordle today

A web-based word game named wordle today is the work of Josh Wardle (a Welsh software engineer). Wardle actually created the game for himself and his partner who are fond of word games. It was developed during the pandemic. Technically the game is almost similar to one television show franchise Lingo. Wordle today is also identical to some other games like bull and cow, 1955 pen and paper Jotto, and mastermind.

 At first, the game was only popular with English users, but now it has become once in a blue moon. Now wordle today is modified in several languages. It was published in October2021. The game’s popularity reaches the sky when its creator allows sharing the wordle emoji with friends on Twitter. The emoji visualizes itself in three different colors without showing the actual word. In January 2022, The New York Times purchased the word guessing game from its owner. The daily word game (wordle today) was moved to the website in February 2022, keeping it free for all players. There is no need for signing up.

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Working on Wordle today

Wordletoday’s grid contains thirty white boxes. Each box holds one Alphabet. Players have to guess a randomly selected 5-letters word by using six attempts. sometimes the word is so easy to guess. while sometimes the word is so weird even if we can’t get it. Game lovers can play Wordle Today on PC and android phones. The site memorizes your winning streaks of yours. After that complete your one word. Then press enters, and the letter box’s color alters.

  • If the box color becomes green, then you’ve put the letter in an accurate place.
  • If it highlights in mustard(yellow), which means the letter is the part of the

word but is present in an inaccurate position

  • If the box changes its color to grey, the letter is not in the answer at all.


By using the online tool, you can analyze the scores for skill and luck too. It’s your dailywordle companion. The creator of the wordle bot is Josh Katz and Mathew Conley. The bot is introduced by NYT (New York Times). You may need one dollar or at least a free account for using it. The scale ranges from 0 to 99. If you perform anything different, after evaluation it will give you scores according to your performance for each turn.

Wordle today became an obsession

At first, only 90 players were playing that game, but the number rose just after one week. It is spreading like a viral disease. Now almost three hundred thousand people are obsessed with this mastermind word game. Wordle’s charm has a thrilling sensation as we get to know a new word every day. As per resources, only 14% out of 100 admitted to solving wordle today. Many clones are made in contrast to a daily puzzle game, but wordle today game is matchless. Besides, having only puzzle a day stills the craze hasn’tslowed down.
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Although others have more than one chance and puzzle a day. The attention seeker game secures your time. It takes 2 to 3 minutes a day and generates thesense of scarcity. The game has no objective to shady your personal data. Wordincredible online game has too easy as well as hard modes. Its popularity rises when players start posting their results socially. As we know that it’s an era of social media. The best thing about the daily puzzle is the social element. You shared your results on Twitter or any other social media platform and it doesn’tshow the letters. Only the colors are shown on the grid. The spoiler-free emojis result for two reasons.

  • Firstly, it helps to keep the secret of your correct or incorrect words so other

won’t cheat.

  • Secondly, it saves you from the hesitation of not guessing the word properly.

Tips and tricks

The wordle trips and tricks help you to win the daily puzzle.

  • Pick the five-letter word which has more number of vowels (a,e,i,o,u).
  • Try not to use the grey one letters again.
  • Choose the green color letters mostly.
  • Select a new word every time.
  • Find a common word.
  • Go back to the basic (use pen and paper).
  • Focus on the words that are repetitive.
  • You must have a good knowledge of five letters.
  • Wordle solver helps you to find the word.

Issues regarding language

As the game present in different lingo, the difficulty in guessing the word also arises. For example, the word of the day is ‘favor’ which is five letter word. It can be guessable for Americans but not for the British. Because for them the spelling of the word is ‘Favour’which is a six-letter word. Another trouble is it may have frustration factor for somepeople when they can’t find the right word.

Wordle today doesn’t t ask for money yet

It is an ad-free game. Still no banners are flashing while playing. Its owner wants tomonetize it. If NYT decides to make money from wordle today. There might have chance oflosing its fan. If the library of games selects the lucrative game, then players might have to shell out some money. However, Wardle and NYT may have made money from their subscriptions in the future.

Trending game makes you smarter

The wordle today is somehow beneficial to your brain. People that used to solve thescrabble word are more likely to guess the right in the wordle. It sharpens your memory. According to the researchers, wordle today activates dopamine (a neurotransmitter that gives motivation and satisfaction). Those types of games developed problem-solving skills. It won’t effect the eyes because you can’t play it for a longer time. It reduces stress and tiredness. It comes out as a source of happiness. With wordle online game, your depression level may become low. You may socially have connected to some people


So wordle today being an innovative and interesting game is continuously creating hype around the globe. Your vocabulary is boosted up and all credit goes to the game. Each day it comes up with a new word and gathers its fans around it. People are loving it as it has become one of the biggest sensations on the internet. Maybe in the future, this game the craze of the game becomes low, but for now wordle today is dear to everyone on social platforms.

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