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Kuta Software

Kuta Software is operated and owned by previous math professors who notice the demands of learning, teaching, and the ability of the right tool in the right hands. We made test, content, and worksheet generators for Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Calculus that take more time for the teachers to teach math. Teachers made assignments by selecting a topic with the parameters they want. Our software raised the questions by just clicking on the mouse. The work and assignments can be adapted easily to fulfill the different requirements of each student and each class, rather than depending on assessments of standardization.

Worksheet Generators and Test for Math Teachers

It is a small-scale company that is based out of North Bethesda, Maryland. We’re so determined to provide math professors with the tool which is most useful and convenient. Many years of experience in teaching math in classrooms have provided us valuable perception into the specific requirement of math teachers in today’s decade. This experience can be shown through the utilization of the software that we have created.

The one who makes the difference is the teachers in the classroom. No matter what is your way of teaching, style, or philosophy, you just want good math problems to teach and provide your students. Our products will provide solutions that you are exactly looking for the problems. This power lets you free to guide in your way or method to continue trying new things and to modify to your every student and class.

Experts say NO Jargon      No Fluff       Just Math

So, better tools, Better teaching leads to Better Learning.

Products we use

  1. Pre-Algebra
  2. Algebra 1
  3. Geometry
  4. Algebra 2
  5. Pre-Calculus
  6. Calculus

How does it work?

  • Firstly, you have to choose the topics mentioned above in the products.
  • That either your math problem is related to which topic?
  • Then, you select the mathematical Properties of the problems.
  • Each topic has variant solutions and options.
  • It makes as many questions as you would want.
  • You can use it for free but for two weeks only.
  • Students can use it to make their assignments.

Features of Kuta Software

Unlimited Questions

Once you have made your assignment. Now you can re-make all of its questions with just a single tap. The new problems will conform to the same process as the genuine problems. But they will be new. This feature is our software’s most important and it’s what makes it more powerful. You can select the properties of a problem, not the problems themselves. That is how it works. You can remake the entire individual questions, assignments, and particular question groups
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Multiple versions of printing

Print various versions of an assignment. You can control how each latest version is made: scramble the questions, scramble the options, or make new questions completely. You can save each latest version as well after it is made.

Easy spacing

Re-space the whole assignment to the length you want by just a single tap. Provide your students enough room to present their work easier by increasing the spacing. Or you can retain paper by lessening the space.

Export questions

Export questions as bitmap photos and paste them into your desired word pressing software. Questions made with our products can be placed to the assignments that are already available. You have made with other programs. Or you can remake old assignments by returning old questions with the new ones. All questions are at hand for export.

Presentation Mode 

Quite useful as a teaching help when utilized in combination with an LCD projector or some other display program. 

Utilize this feature while you teach. Build your examples with the software and then utilize a projector to show the problems on the board. This can save your time during the lesson and planning. It makes it quite convenient to present lengthy questions or problems with diagrams and graphs. With each problem shown, you can:

  • Reveal the solution
  • Jump to the other question, it is useful while checking homework
  • Alter the zoom level, so students sitting in the back can see it too
  • Draw lines right next to the question will help you to arrange your work if you answer the question
  • Hide or show the numbering and directions of the question

Diagrams to scale

Diagrams are drawn all accurately, except if the solution would be provided away. If an angle is marked as 30°, then it is genuinely 30°. If a triangle’s edges are marked 3, 4, and 5. Then, its lengths are truly in a ratio of 3:4:5. Looking at precise diagrams aids students to gain instinctive measurements and understanding of angles.

Scale assignment 

Proportionally decrease or increase the numbering of questions in an assignment. This is quite useful while planning for a lesson. You can make some questions to use as a case and then scale up the question numbers to make a homework task. The questions on the home task will be new completely. So follow it accurately from the lessons. You don’t require lying out the question over again.

Good Multiple-choice questions

All questions you make can be command between a multiple-choice and free-response format. Multiple-choice questions come with, potentially smart misleading options. Few are based on common blunders students make while others are random just. But close the correct option. You can choose the number of your own choice each question has two to five options. 

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Answer Format

You can select that how the answers are reported while you pint an assignment:

  • On an answer page
  • No answer page
  • On an answer page with having just odds
  • In context (within or next to the question)

Merge Assignments with Kuta Software

Merge two or more assignments into one assignment. Create tests, quizzes, and reviews easily by combining the assignments from the unit. Then, scaling the complete to an appropriate length. The questions will be latest while following from what you taught exactly.

Graph paper utility and Graphing 

Boost your lessons with excellent graphs and any size of graph paper. A single graph can have

Zero to two operations graphed on it. But graphs can be of any physical and logical size. So you can tile graphs as well over the page to broaden your use of paper.

Custom questions and Custom Directions

Put your ways to make new forms of problems. Therefore, presented on the left was a quality order of system questions.  You can change the ways on any question kind.

You will require putting your problem, once in a while. That is what custom problems are for.  They can be multiple-choice or free responses. They can also contain math formatted text (expressions, equations, etc) 

Generated questions-modified automatically

Most questions reformed manually. If there is an option you don’t like then you can change it as well. If you want a question that was different slightly, you can make changes to it too.

Margins and Paper Size

Print assignments on the size of paper that your printer supports. So if you make your mind to print an assignment on the legal-size page there’s no problem with that. You don’t have to cut and paste the assignment rebuilt just to utilize a variant paper size. So you have control over the page numbering, paper orientation, and margins as well.


Kuta Software LLC is the small-scale company that built that software. It is just for the convenience and learning of the teachers and students as well. So it contains multiple features based on the product relating problems.  While you just have to select your problem, boom there’s a complete solution to that problem. So, it’s all about math!

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