Who is the son of Will Smith? Is will Smith son gay

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is will smith son gay

We already know Willard Carroll Smith as Will Smith who is a famous American actor, rapper and film producer. Will Smith has won four Grammy Awards. The actor has made us laugh through his movies and amazing work. Will Smith is well known for his sexuality and everyone knows that he is absolutely straight when married to his love of life Jada Pinkett Smith. But, what about his son Jaden Smith? People want to know that is will smith son gay or it is just a rumor.

Jaden Smith has always been in controversies regarding his sexuality. At first, it was a rumor but now it is confirmed that he is a gay.

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Jaden Smith Dating Tyler the Creator:

Jaden Smith has born in Malibu, California. On Twitter, Jaden Smith has congratulated Tyler the creator of the greatest rap album. Will’s son Jaden has publicly disclosed that he and Tyler are dating. Jaden Smith has shown his love for the American rapper and confessed that he is gay. In fact, Tyler has already come out as bisexual in 2017.

Since Jaden was 8 years old, he has worked in movies along with his father. His acting skills as a child were as great as his father’s. Moreover, some of his movies were super hit. But then he left the film industry and later, he choose the music industry as his career.

How He Developed Relationship With the American Rapper?

Jaden developed a close relationship with the American rapper through his music career. He was only 21 years old when he decided to disclose his sexuality to the world.

No doubt that there are haters as well as supporters of celebrities, the young celebrity is receiving hate and appreciation both from all over the world. Jaden has millions of fan following on Instagram and his fans are happy with his decision.

How Jaden’s Netflix Series Created Hype About his Sexuality?

About a few years ago, the actor has made his debut in Netflix Drama series named “The Get Down”. When Jaden Smith lip-locked with another guy in the series, it created hype. The criticism started over here! Since this particular topic has been taken a lot of attention, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett haven’t said anything yet but the media is going crazy over this. Fans and haters just can’t stop talking about this.

If you haven’t watched the scene yet, just go to Netflix and search for the first 6 episodes of “the get down” and you will know what all the hype was about.

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Jaden in Women’s Clothing Brand

The young actor and star always seems to acknowledge his attraction towards the same gender. In a campaign of a brand Louis Vuitton, he has seen wearing a skirt. He made a record of being the first-ever male star who did modeling for a women’s clothing brand. This is how people felt curious about his gender. And, it also raises questions in the minds of people that is will smith son gay?

How Tylor indirectly Expose His Sexuality?

On the other side, Tylor never acknowledged the fact about his sexuality. He remains private all the time and never ever exposes his sexuality to the world. But, he indirectly exposes his sexuality in his songs, like

“I have been kissing white young men since 2004”

Furthermore, when Tyler the creator was 26 years old, he confessed that he had a boyfriend at the age of 15 in a radio show.

When do they Meet?

Well, Jaden and Tylor met in 2015. During the same year, they confirmed that both are dating each other. On Tylor’s birthday, Jaden has also sent a dubious message to him, stating

“I think I am in love with Tylor”

In November 2019, in the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, Jaden tweeted,

“Tylor is my mother***ing sweetheart. And he will always be my sweetheart for my whole f***ing life”

In Grammy 2020, Tylor has won the Best Rap Album for Igor. Jaden, on the other hand, took to Twitter, congratulating him,

“My boyfriend just won a grammy”

So, now everyone got a clear answer to the question is will smith son gay? Well, it is true! We have to admit this because same-sex marriages are allowed in the United States of America. However, people feel offended if a celebrity does that. But we should not abuse the young celebrity. In fact, we should give him respect.
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