What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Leer Truck Caps

by Hamid
LEER Truck Caps

LEER truck caps, also called truck toppers or camper shells, are made from sturdy fiberglass or tough aluminum that won’t corrode. Camper shells, box shells, truck covers, and truck covers are all terms used to describe large, waterproof storage for trucks. Rather than making the truck bed function as a large trunk, most truck owners attempt to make it feel as safe and secure as possible.

In this post, we’ll look at the pros and cons of some of the top truck options, along with price estimates.

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How do you plan to use your LEER truck caps?

The roofline of your truck can be matched with the rear liftgate window with a simple topper. Therefore, oversized cargo will not fit in the back, and it won’t prevent serious thefts either. You will have to “unload” your gear each time you want to use a tool or piece of equipment close to the cab, which is difficult.

  • Is it better to crouch or stand? Are you feeling heavy? What you want is a top with lots of headroom or a tall design.
  • Could you use the entire bed if you wanted to? Would you be able to use the entire bed if you wanted Would you be able to use the entire bed if you wanted that option? In that case, window toppers with side openings would be the best option. Commercial trucks tend to use sliding cargo trays rather than topper sides since it is easier to operate instead of sticking your head out of a window.
  • Do you want anything mounted on the roof of your topper? Many toppers are mounted with kayaks, mountain bikes, and camping gear, whereas commercial users often mount ladders. Gear is best placed on toppers with rails.
  • Do you need to protect your expensive gear? To prevent simple cam locks on basic toppers from being compromised, most commercial systems use steel or aluminum locking mechanisms. Lockable toolboxes, drawers, etc. can also be found.
  • Is the interior of the bag required to be lined? A lined camper shell will keep things warm and quiet while you’re camping with your top. The comfort level will also be higher.

If you answer other questions to determine what you need, suffice it to say that you will have to pay substantially more if you include roof-mounted railings, linings, and high-rises. Read more about Leer Caps near me


After you have determined the basic functions your topper will perform, you will need to determine the material it will be made of. Materials you can choose from include:

  1. Anodized aluminum
  2. Isophthalic coated glass
  3. Polyesters/composites
  4. Steel is the material used in this product

Aluminum is a cheap material: A brand new aluminum top with minimal features usually costs less than $1,000. To install an aluminum top, expect to pay between $900 and $1200. The cost of installing aluminum is higher.

  • Usually, only white and black are available, and many people dislike the way white toppers look on any color truck
  • Aluminum toppers (especially the cheaper ones) tend to become dingy and dented over time

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If your truck is white (or if you don’t care about aesthetics), you can use a plain white aluminum topper. When you want a top that has shelving, lockable toolboxes, double doors, etc., this is a great option.

Fiberglass toppers are hard to come by for less than $1,200 installed – most cost between $1,800 and $3,000. For this reason, aluminum toppers are still quite popular. Fiberglass toppers are not only heavy (depending on options, they can weigh up to 200 pounds), they are hard to locate made for commercial use (but they are available).


Composite and plastic toppers have become increasingly popular in recent years. There is a limited color selection, but they offer a lot of aluminum benefits without sacrificing appearance, making them a good compromise between aluminum and fiberglass.

 Fiberglass and aluminum toppers both tend to be less expensive than composite toppers, but you can expect to spend more on composite toppers. An estimate between $1,200 and $1,800 (installed) is reasonable, depending on the features.

Stainless steel truck toppers are manufactured by SmartCap, a newcomer to the market. In this list, there are some of the most expensive truck bed toppers, but they are also the longest-lasting. U.S. companies sell SmartCap truck caps manufactured in South Africa.

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