What is Snapchat Streak And How It Work?

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snapchat Streaks

Snapchat Streak is the number of times two individuals have regularly sent pictures to each other. Your streak will become longer if you submit a snap every day.

In the Snapchat app, if you have a streak, it will be shown next to your name. The number of days the streak has lasted is display if it has lasted a long time.  It is known as Snapchat streaks by Snapchat.

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How to Get a Snapchat Streak Started?

This is the most straightforward aspect of Snap streak. All you have to do now is send a snap to everyone who might be interested and wait for a response within 24 hours. Make sure you approach the proper folks, though – those who are preparing to send you a snap every day. These are likely to be the folks with whom you typically interact.

You’re one step closer to breaking the record for the longest Snapchat streak if you surround yourself with the proper people.

The Snapchat Streak Rules

Starting a Snapchat streak is simple, but keeping it may be difficult because not every encounter counts. So, here’s a rundown of all the interactions that won’t count toward your Snapchat streak and might potentially spoil it:

  • Chat: Your Snapchat streak will not be affected by text discussions with pals. So, even if you communicate in this manner, remember to snap them.
  • Group chat: It would be simple to snap a significant number of your friends in order to continue your streak with them all. Snapchat, on the other hand, does not permit it.
  • Stories: Stories, like talking, do not count against your streak because they should only be delivered to one individual.
  • Memories: You may share particular occasions again as memories if you want to relive them. Keep in mind, though, that these do not count toward your Snapchat streak.
  • Spectacles: Spectacles Snaps do not count towards your Snapchat streak.

Emojis for Snapchat Streaks

You’ll see a fire emoji next to someone’s username when you start a Snapchat streak with them. This isn’t the only emoji connector for Snap streak, either. The following emojis may display next to the username of the person with whom you have a snapping streak:

  • Fire emoji: The fire emoji denotes that you’ve been on a Snapchat streak with this person.
  • Hourglass emoji: When you see it, be extra cautious since it signifies your streak is about to end.
  • 100% emoji: The 100 emoji denotes that you and your Snapchat partner have been sending snaps for 100 or more days in a row.
  • Mountain emoji: This is a very unusual emoji that represents lengthy streaks.

Why are streaks so popular with teenagers?

Streaks provide a sense of rivalry and friendship among users. Many young individuals desire streaks to compete with their pals or demonstrate that they have a close connection with a specific contact.

However, if they believe that others have stronger friendships, they may feel pressured to reciprocate regularly, impacting their self-esteem.

Only Two Interactions Contribute to Your Snap streaks.

To keep your Snapchat streak lasting as long as possible, you need to perform two things. These are some of them:

  • Sending individual photo snaps to any buddy.
  • Sending video snaps to any of your friends individually.

That is all there is to it. You should have no trouble keeping up with your snap streaks if you remember to send a photo or video snap to a friend–not in a group snap and within 24 hours after your last snap contact.

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How to Use Filters and Stickers to Share Your Snap streaks With Your Friends?

Snapchat offers a few fun features that may help you remember and encourage your pals to respond quickly with a photo or video snap so you can keep your snap streaks rolling. They are as follows:

1. Snap streak filters

Double-tap on a friend’s name in your chats tab, shoot a photo or video, and then swipe left or right through the various filters. If you have a snap streak filter set up with that buddy, you’ll see a filter with the flame emoji and your snap streak in huge white numbers.

2. Snap streak Bitmoji stickers

If you’ve linked your Snapchat account to your Bitmoji account, you can double-press a friend’s name in your conversation’s tab and then hit the sticker icon to view snap streak stickers, including your Bitmoji and your friend’s, if they have one. If you don’t see any snap streak stickers at the top, put “streak” or “snap streak” into the top search bar to see what’s available. Tap any of them to apply it to your snap.


This function is not available on any other social networking site, making it unique and popular among youngsters. Starting a Snapchat streak with someone may deepen your connection and bond.

It’s as though you’re sharing a daily part of your life with them. However, it would be best to be dedicated to a streak before you begin one with someone. This is because breaking the streak may make the other person sad.

As a result, notifying the other person before breaking a streak is crucial.

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