What happened To Edp455 Facebook? Find Out All the Details And Allegations Against the YouTuber

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EDP445 Facebook

Online media is becoming very popular and developing in the world today. Millions of people around the world have become a part of media. We encourage the person who was appreciated on YouTube and information on EDPP445 Facebook that goes viral in all European countries, including the USA and Canada. When web-based media started in the world, a lot of people show interest and a lot of people joined.

Here we are talking about a YouTube Blogger belonging to America, which has its own channel EDP445. The name of this YouTube Blogger is Bryant Turman. EDP445 was launched in 2010, this is actually a YouTube diversion. It has millions of supporters; it is identified by Philadelphia Eagles. He became known as EDP, and now he is an EDP445 Facebook.

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EDP445 Wiki

Name                   EDP445

Birthday               December 15

Age                       29

Nationality            American

Profession             You Tuber

Married/Single       Married

Instagram               @edp445vidsdaily

Twitter                    @edp445

YouTube                 EDP445, EDPGAMING1, CHAOTICKITCHEN445

About Bryant You Tuber

The Bryant came to California in 1990. Prior to that, he was not used to working at Wal-Mart. He created his own YouTube channel and it made him popular. He got popular in the world for his famous YouTube video, which gain more popularity on Philadelphia Eagles exchange QB Sam Bradford.

Relationship Status

There is no confirmed information that Bryant is currently single or in a romantic relationship, or they may have kept their relationship secret. It could also be that they are currently single and focusing more on their career plans. Bryant did not share any special post that could indicate his relationship.

Bryant maintained an excellent public profile, which is far from rumors and controversy. That way, his career would not be so bad. In this way, they can bring their lovers closely and put your love in their hearts. Bryant is tall and has a strong personality.

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How is Edp445 Popular in World?

EDP445 has gained popularity all over the world including European countries. Initially, got distinguished from the top lease recording of games. People liked the basic video of playing out a rap, and then through this kind of video liked “‘Hawks Trade Mccoy”. He likewise creates video blogs and cooking recordings at Edp445 Facebook, That’s how he got popular. Its own channel of cooking  CHAOTICKITCHEN445 and so on gaming channel EDPGAMING1, there are many people who like these channels.

Why  Edp445 You Tuber Is at Under News?

By the end of April, he was found to be sending sex messages to a young woman. Some of the images and messages sent by Hunter Poachers to a girl on Instagram were sent by EDP445. Hunting groups rescue and protect young children. Many people in Canada and United Kingdom hated it, and along with words and lines, Now, Edp445 is at under the information. We will prefer not to discuss it.

Edp445 Facebook

Bryant, that is a celebrity, In addition to Instagram and Twitter, also keeps records on Facebook. He has more than five thousand followers on Facebook. EDP445 channels keep posting its recording on Facebook. In a new latest post video, he says that his new site Edp445.com is coming about ten to fifteen days, and there will be new recordings at this site. The web images inside are viral.

What happened to EDP445?

According to the media report, EDP445 Facebook was also seen on camera trying to meet a minor girl. He was reportedly arrested and charged by a child protection group called Predator Poachers. EDP445 talked to the girl first and then after a while, he planned to meet her. According to reports, after being caught on camera, EDP445 install the camera again to do what the girl had to say. The whole thing was a live stream. For a long time, netizens had accused EDP445 of talking to underage girls. But then in response, you tuber upload a video to YouTube. It states that he is trolling these accounts because he thinks he is talking to trolling accounts. Her fans even bought her story to support her.

A user, CrunchyNar, posted a status on its website that EDP445 never apologized for its misbehavior and texting of girls. According to the user, you tuber started a slut shaming a girl who had exposed him. The Reddit user also suggests in one of his responses EDP445 abuses and taunts the girl.


We have already talked about the reaction of people and the allegations. The creator of the EDP445 website is a YouTuber and a very popular man. The fact is that he never apologized. People are trolling it; it may be difficult to get the fame that it was before the accusation.
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