Using Online Teaching Methods to Keep Students Engaged

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Using Online Teaching Methods

Education is a very important part of one’s life. One can be literate, but education teaches you the skills of life that help you to choose the best career and provides a bright future in it. With the changing time, nowadays online education has become a trend whose popularity is growing day by day.

If the students and the Teachers are provided to choose between the online and offline classes probably 70% of them may opt for the online education system. The reason is convenience and operation. The schools’ colleges and offline coaching institutes are shifting to the online space. why it becomes important to know how online teaching helps in engaging the students in the best online math programs. Let us see how using online teaching methods, helps students to keep engaged in their studies-

1.  Make Interactive Classes

The math teacher online plays an important role to help the students learn math. The teachers should be able to interact with the students. When the students are not able to engage with the teachers in the class then, the purpose of holding the class is all in vain. Every student in the batch should participate actively, answer more and put up the questions to the teachers. The active participation of students improves their learning and adds a fun portion to the entire session. Such a session is really fruitful.

2.  Use of Different Communication Formats

As an online tutor, it is the responsibility of the teacher to maintain proper communication with the students. However, the format of communication may vary from the previous one. For example, if the last time the tutor has held a meeting on meet (Google meet), the next time the information can be disseminated through online applications or email.

3.  Gamify the Classes

When games are incorporated into studies, it becomes a very good mixture where students can learn Math by playing simple games. You can also design some rewarding badges or certificates and reward the students. Who score the best or the highest in the quiz or the game. Recently, a number of best online math programs have been launched that includes a gaming method of teaching math to students. Try them!

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4.  Give Feedback to the Students

If a student is weak in any subject. It is the responsibility of the teacher to guide them and give them feedback about their progress. For this, tutors can hold a month-end meeting with the parents. Where they can tell them about the current position of their child in math.

5.  Motivate them

Math sometimes scares the students who do not like it. The major reason behind it is that they don’t have confidence in themselves to solve the question. The tendency of giving up on the questions or any problem is very high. This can be corrected by the online tutors. In fact, this is indeed one of the best methods used by online teachers that helps them to motivate them to study math with full interest.


Whether the teachers teach online or offline the teaching methods always remain the same. The above mentioned are some of the methods that help to engage the students in the class and rejuvenate their interest in math.

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