Space Traveling Warriors Tier List Everything You Need To Know

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space traveling warriors tier list

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Space Traveling WarriorsTier List. Here, you’ll find all you need to know about space warriors. The space-traveling warriors are a group of different Dragon Ball Z characters, and we’ve compiled a list of all of their ranks below.

Dragon Ball Dokken is a fantastic mobile game in which players must assemble a squad of Dragon Ball characters to preserve the in-game universe. As several realities clash, Dragon Ball characters from various timelines and universes have banded together to put an end to it. There are so many characters to pick from in this game.

The game includes the majority of the Dragon Ball universe’s players, giving in an incredibly enormous cast of characters. So, knowing which players are more strong than others is useful when building together a team, so we created this tier list of all the characters in Dragon Ball Dokan and divided them into three categories: S, A, and B.

As a result, a complete  Space Traveling SoldiersTier List is required. This is a tier list guide for all of Dragon Ball Dokken’s Space Warrior Journey team characters.

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2022 Tier List Guide for Space Traveling Warriors

The  Space Traveling Soldiersteam’s players are classified into three tiers: S, A, and B, with S being the strongest and best character and B being the weakest. All of the characters in the  Space Traveling Soldiersare ranked in tiers.

S Tier 

These are the players who should always be on your squad. The characters in this tier are the most powerful, and we strongly recommend that you strive to incorporate them into your squad, as having a strong group of characters will considerably increase your chances to win. Below is a list of characters from the S tier.

  • Destruction’s Hot-Blooded God Beerus.
  • Frieza’s Last-Ditch Attack (Full Power).
  • Destruction brings global peace. Which. & Beerus
  • Invasion of the Galaxies Full Force Boujack is used to describe a (Galactic Warrior).
  • Toppo’s Power Goes Beyond Right and Wrong (God of Destruction Mode).
  • Frieza’s Furious Erasure (Final Form).
  • Extreme Ultimate Power Cooler is a high-performance cooling system.
  • The Most Dangerous Being Super Baby 2 is a sequel to the first (Giant Ape).
  • Majesty of Jiren the Mighty (Full Power).
  • Turtles Explosive Evolution
  • Bojack, the murderous Overlord

A Tier

These are stable and reliable choices that will not let you down, and the only cause they’re in the A tier is because they’re not as powerful as the S Tier players. This tier also has players who may be a good fit for your squad than those from the S tier, so keep investigating and at the very least try these players out together with your different teams. The A-tier characters are mentioned below.

  • Whistle the best you can.
  • Paralysis by the devil Zangya.
  • Bardock’s Dazzling Life Force
  • Dyspo’s Onslaught of Fire and Fury (SuperSpeed Mode).
  • Beerus, the Annihilation’s Umpire.
  • Jiren, you have absolute power.
  • Light to Protect Peace Toppo (Pride Troopers).
  • The evolution of a hit to match the strength of the opponent.
  • Tora is a brave, Low-Class Warrior (Giant Ape).
  • Raditz, the Cold-Hearted Warrior.
  • Hit using the Assassin’s Ultimate Technique.
  • Strike, Saiyan! Vegetables (Dokkan Butoden).
  • Beerus’s Devastating Punishment
  • The All-Powerful Cleave Cooler
  • Infinite Adventure Goku (GT), Pan (GT), and Trunks (GT) (GT).
  • Light to Protect Peace Toppo (Pride Troopers).
  • Frieza’s Catastrophic Rage (Final Form).
  • A swarm of ferocious.
  • Frieza’s Emperor Devotion (Full Power).
  • Pan (GT): Wings Spread Out to the Cosmos (Honey).
  • Pan’s Victorious Smile (GT).
  • Invasion Totale Tora.

B Tier

These are the players you don’t want to utilize and are merely there to fulfill the very minimal requirements. They aren’t completely useless, but they aren’t extremely good and don’t fit into most team setups. In B Tier, the characters are —

  • Turles of Absolute Suppression.
  • Giru, your Grand Tour Companion.
  • Rozie is the Yacchaina Fist’s Master.
  • Kaduna, the Magnificent Hunter.
  • In Clashes, Power Is Demonstrated Bardock is a type of cattle (Giant Ape).
  • A Beautiful Girl’s Dance Ribrianne extraordinaire.
  • Maelstrom of Tyranny Boujack is in full force.
  • Borgos of Infinite Power
  • Bardock is a battle-hardened hero.
  • Planetary Invasion with a Twist Raditz & Vegeta (Kid) (Kid).
  • Bardock with a low class and a high octane (Giant Ape).
  • Lord Slug of Namekia is an evil Namekian (Giant Form).
  • Shugesh’s Ruffian’s Strike
  • Heinous Attack Cooler is a heinous attack cooler (Final Form).
  • Fasha makes a cunning move.
  • Champa’s Dominance Through Destruction
  • Vados has a clear path.
  • Wrathful vengeance Super Baby 2 is a sequel to Super Baby (Giant Ape).
  • Lord Slug of the Namekian Mutation.
  • Beerus, the errant God.
  • Raditz, the ruthless invader.
  • The Terror Storm Frieza is a fictional character created by Frieza (2nd Form).
  • The Party Pan’s Life (GT).
  • Hit Expanding Possibility.
  • The Strongest Beerus in the Fictitious Universe (Monaka Costume).
  • Most Proud Moment Brianne de Chateau is a French actress.
  • Cooler for Resolute Execution (Final Form).


That concludes our  Space Traveling SoldiersTier List, which covers all of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan game, categorized by tier. Hopefully, you enjoyed our  Space Traveling SoldiersTier List guide; if you have any recommendations or want to see more tier list guides like this, please comment on the game’s name.

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