Sharaf DG-Everything You Need To Know

by Nikolina

Sharaf DG is a United Arab Emirates-based online retailer of electrical equipment founded in 2005. In addition to cellphones and small electric appliances. The firm provides home furnishings and cosmetic items throughout the Middle East.

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Sharaf DG overview

Sharaf DG, a subsidiary of the Sharaf Group, is the UAE’s largest specialized electronics shop, having locations in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Egypt. Customers may find over 20,000 goods from major brands in categories such as Home Entertainment, IT, Telecom, Home Appliances, Smart Homes, Wearables, and more in 35 locations throughout these nations.

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One of the significant specialist electronics locations in the UAE is our store in Times Square Centre. Smartphones, television, laptops &tablets, cameras, networking equipment, home audio, wearables, smart home goods, home & kitchen appliances, headphones, game consoles, and more are all available at the shop.

The shop has cutting-edge vending machines that serve customers swiftly and effectively and a variety of digital experiences. That including the largest digital screen in the Middle East in the main lobby and linked screens throughout the store. The intelligent home zone features demonstrations of some of the most cutting-edge technology to power smart homes.

DG Sharaf New product debuts, occurrences in the event kitchen, and displays of soon-to-be-released devices all take place at Times Square Centre. After you’ve finished visiting our store, stop by the DG Lounge for a cup of coffee. Sharaf DG at Times Square Centre is the place to be for technology lovers. 

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