Saving with online voucher codes: How to store even cheaper

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You’ve escalated your online shopping again and now your shopping cart shows you a borderline amount that makes you want to close the store again very quickly. Stop! Save yourself the trouble and treat yourself to an online voucher! Not only are they super popular, but they’re also an easy way to snag great discounts on your favorite products.

But where can I actually find these vouchers and what are the different types? We have summarized for you what you should look out for when shopping and whether saving with online vouchers is really worth it.

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When is it worth shopping with online coupons?

You know what it’s like a new email flutter into your inbox and you get a cracking voucher code for some product. You’re reading an exciting blog post and at the end of the text, you’re encouraged to buy something with an online voucher. Or you browse a bit through the online stores and in every single window, colorful discounts flash at you.

You’re right to ask yourself: is it worth it?

Business is booming, and in some countries “couponing” has become a regular hobby – whether it’s food and everyday products or big purchases.

What are the different online coupons?

Everyone has seen them before and maybe even used them – voucher codes are sometimes thrown at us by online stores. There is always some reason to whip out a fantastic-sounding discount. We give you an overview of the online vouchers that are offered most often.

New customer discount

A coupon that is very often offered by stores is the new customer discount. And it is exactly what the name suggests: Savings that apply once when you buy something for the first time at a store and were not previously registered.

Coupon for newsletter subscription

Newsletters often end up in the spam folder and are not exactly popular mail, but they can still be worthwhile sometimes. Namely, when your favorite store not only sends you exciting information and news but also rewards you for signing up with a coupon code.

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