Rise Of OTT Platforms: Pros And Cons

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Pros And Cons

When did you watch the last movie – Probably last week.

When did you watch a movie in theaters – That’s probably hard to answer, right?

For many, it can be last weekend, month, or even year.

This is because people are getting so comfortable watching their favorite TV shows or movies on OTT platforms that they hardly waste their time, money, and energy visiting a theater.

With the new generation looking for new ways to consume content and entertainment, OTT platforms have offered what the new generation has asked for. Today, people can watch their favorite TV shows or movies in the comfort of their homes anytime. 

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What Is An OTT Platform?

OTT stands for Over-The-Top Platform. An OTT platform offers web-based services where users can stream videos and audio online. The best thing about OTT platforms is that you pay for the content you want to watch, not the useless content that comes in a package. 

In addition, you don’t have to deal with cable operators, satellite connections, or any other form of broadcast media.

After using the OTT platform, we have found that it holds an advantage over accessibility. 

Rise Of OTT Platforms

  • Choices Vary Among Different People: Different people have different choices. For instance, a family can have 6 family members with children, parents, and grandparents. Here, we are talking about three different generations. That means the choices will also be different. With traditional TV, only one generation can watch their favorite movie. However, with the OTT platform, each member gets individual access to the cloud database. From there, they can watch any movie they like.
  • Convenience: The best thing about OTT platforms is that you don’t have to be tied down with a TV set to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. With the OTT platform, you can enjoy your TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere, and for everyone. If you have the internet, you can connect with the platform with just one click from anywhere in the world. Once you are connected, you can start enjoying your favorite shows anytime. And the vast category of content ensures that every age group has something to enjoy.
  • Fresh & Quality Content: One of the major reasons that support the rise of OTT platforms is that it gives you the freedom to watch everything. You don’t have to stick with content you don’t want to watch. You can select different genres based on your moods. 
  • Streaming Before TV: Some TV shows are streamed online long before they are released on television. Therefore, for the first show lovers, the OTT platform can help them reach the height of their passion.
  • Adaptation To Western Culture: People have started adapting to the western culture of living in small families. As the dynamics of family change, so does their source of entertainment. The family with more members belonging to the working class spend their day working. So, when they need their share of entertainment, they want to watch what they like, not what they get in the package. This is where OTT platforms offer ‘pay for what you want to watch services’.

Pros Of OTT Platforms

There are many benefits of OTT platforms. And because of these benefits, the range of subscribers is increasing day by day. 

Here are a few pros of OTT platforms.

  • Users have access to awesome content without the disturbance of any form of advertisement. The content you get is ad-free because you are paying a fee for the subscription.
  • You can watch your favorite show on the OTT platform without any restrictions. Even if you are traveling, you will be close to your one and only source of entertainment.

Cons Of OTT Platforms

Although there is no massive loss with the OTT platform, there are a few that you must know before you start using it.

  • The cost of a subscription runs high depending on what type of content you want to consume. Sometimes, the country location also prevents you from accessing a few contents.
  • OTT platform works on the internet. So, you need a high-speed connection to consume content.

If these cons are too much for you to use an OTT platform for your entertainment, why not start practicing downloading? Visit the website to download your favorite TV shows and movies.


OTT platforms are far better entertainment sources for modern-day audiences. Understanding their pros and cons will give you a better idea of how impactful these OTT platforms and their streaming services can be.

However, when it comes down to streaming your favorite movie online, a few concerns, like age restriction and censorship, must be assessed first.

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