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Many of the companies attain Microsoft Outlook to receive and send emails [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] Not just companies but most people also use this client email as it is quite easy to utilize and also because of its security protection. Thus, sometimes Outlook made it so hectic and difficult because of various kinds of errors. One of the most occurring and common errors which we are facing these days. This article will guide you about what is this error and how to fix this error? So that you can carry on work with Microsoft Outlook.

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What is [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] and how does it appear?

As discussed earlier, Microsoft Outlook is safe. It utilizes TLS and SSL security encryptions have given by Microsoft to receive and send your mails. There is no need to learn about TLS and SSL security encryptions to fix it. But you must know that it is the most secure encryption.

Whenever you try to join to mail server that does not have TLS and SSL security, you will get this, this can’t be the only cause of receiving an error in Microsoft Outlook. Furthermore, we will learn and discuss other possible reasons and their solutions in the “How to fix” point. To utilize the mail server in Outlook then it should include both TLS and SSL encryption. It is always better to examine all the limitations such as authentications, secure connection, and port number during connecting.

How to fix it? 

Now you know that why this error occurs, it might be possible that you know how to fix it. If you do not have any background related to IT but you still want to fix the error then it’s quite easy. Just obey the steps that are mentioned in the following and there will be no issue further. We introduced the six essential six ways to solve the error. 

If Microsoft Outlook is set up then you might see the error. If this is the case then solving it is quite easy. If you are not certain that what causing the problem then just follow the following steps. At the end of the solution if your error gets fixed then it is because of the copyright account if not then there is no need to get hyper we have multiple solutions for you people.

Step 1: Email account

To examine for a duplicate account follow the given steps:

  1. Click the Control panel on your PC and alternate the view by “large category”
  2. Then open Mail Control Panel
  1. Once you have opened the mail you will be viewed a popup screen, in screen click on “E-mail accounts”
  2. Then all the accounts of email are configured in your Outlook. If you do not see any copied accounts then you can still remove all the accounts. And put in new accounts. That might solve the issue.

Step 2: Check For Duplicate Account 

Now you might have checked that either there is copied account or not. Delete all the accounts that are copied and add new accounts. Now go and check out that error is resolved or not. If the error still exists then continue to the next step.

Examine for SMTP Setup

It’s way better to look for SMTP setup for Microsoft Outlook as 80% of the time this is caused the misconfiguration in SMTP. It is quite easy to check for SMTP setup just follows the rules mentioned in the following:

  1. Follow the rules mentioned in Step 1; click the “E-mail accounts” settings where you could delete the account.
  1. Email account
  2. Double-tap on the email and tap on “more settings”
  1. Check “My server requires authentication” to see either your server is authentic or not.
  2. Then open the advance tab and assure that you are using the correct port serial. Following are the port numbers for SMTP and IMAP.

SMTP: 465

IMAP: 993

Thus, after the configuration of SMTP, exit the application and restart your PC. After restarting it check Microsoft Outlook to examine that either it is showing or not still. If the problem is still there then jump on to the next step.

Step 3: Use SCANPST.exe

  1. Tap to open file explorer
  2. Click on the Program Files > Microsoft Office>Office 18
  3. Search SCANPST.exe, and re-open the application
  4. Tap on browse and choose PST files that you want to resolve and tap “Start”
  5. Press “make backup” and tap on Browse and select the location where you want to place drag the file. The tap to “Repair”

Step 4: Disabling the Windows Defender and Antivirus

To impair the Windows defender, follow the following steps:

  1. Tap Start SettingsUpdate & Security  > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection Manage settings (or Virus & threat protection settings in previous versions of Windows 10).
  2. Turn to Real-time protection to off.

Step 5: Clear the cache and Cookie

For solving the error other way is to remove the cache and cookie. For removing it, follow the steps below:

  • Press Control + R on the keyboard to run dialogue
  • Then, type “%appdata
  • Then delete all the files that are present in %appdata% or choose Microsoft Outlook and delete it

As you have removed all the cookies and cache, now go back to Microsoft Office.


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Step 6: Reinstallation of application

As of now, we have utilized all the possible ways to fix the error. Alas! But none of them worked to solve the error. So the final option for us is to reinstall of application. Follow the steps for the reinstallation of the application:

  1. View the program and feature it from the Control panel
  2. Find the Microsoft Office
  3. Double-tap on Office 365
  4. Follow the mentioned steps on the screen
  5. Install the application once again by downloading the new version from Microsoft Office their official website
  6. Make new account and place to Microsoft Office
  7. Check either you can see it or not.


Attaining [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] during the submission of the project or an assignment at the last date is for sure frustrating but without any instructions, you do not have to take stress regarding that issue. Hopefully, the 6 main points mentioned above would help you to fix your error. If you are having difficulty still fixing this error then follow these steps as it is. Contact us for Guest Posting

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