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Getting to know more than one language is something that has a great benefit for individuals in the future. It will have them create their presence not only in their society but also abroad and in other cultures. This will automatically help them in various other ways such as finding a great job opportunity. Learning a new language is far more than just getting to know how to speak it, you dive into a completely new culture of different norms and traditions. You get to analyze the psychology between other people’s perspectives on a specific thing compared to yours. The mediums of learning new languages have also evolved with time and it is not the same struggle that you had to bear decades ago.

Now all you need is a stable internet connection and a good, reliable website and you are good to go! If you are looking for a high-speed internet service that allows you to watch videos and listen to audio notes without any interruption, then check out Xfinity Packages as most of them offer superior internet speeds.

Now let us dive into explaining the best possible websites that offer you the most convenient and easy to learn material for learning your desired new language. They are free of cost so no need to worry about getting your budget disturbed.

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1. Busuu:

A very famous website where you can learn the language that you desire. And it has free of cost as well as premium services which are paid. You can also go through the free version permanently without ever subscribing to the paid packages. It can teach you languages including English, French, Turkish, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc. A brilliant feature of this application is that it allows you to talk to speakers of the language you are learning in progress so that you can address any issues regarding their ambiguities. We rate this website a 10/10 because of its amazing response from the public.

2. Memrise:

This website features real-time learning for individuals guided by experts in that language. With an easy and convenient process of learning, it attracts many people. You are also provided with the origin and background knowledge of the language you are learning because it helps you get an idea. Moreover, the words which relate to other languages are specified and focused on because they also help in fast learning. The languages taught on this website are Swedish, Mongolian, Dutch, Danish, etc. We rate this website a 10/10.

3. 123 Teach Me:

This website only teaches Spanish but is highly specialized in doing so. If you are into learning Spanish and want to get proficient in this famous language, this is the best pick of the website for you, because it focuses solely on it. The teaching material is interesting and entertaining too because you are tested in the form of quizzes, and shown visuals and pictures. Due to the interface of this website it gets an 8/10 rating because of the outdated look.

4. Omniglot:

This is considered among the great websites for getting knowledge of different languages although it is not a true platform where you might go and learn a whole language from scratch. Its content includes thousands of different languages which you can skim through. It helps you go through the origins of different words and phrases connected from one language to another. The rating this website receives is a 9/10 because of its extra insights provided, such as interesting facts on the languages and blogs on different topics relating to the required languages.
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5. FSI Language courses (Foreign service institute):

This is a government-owned website in the United States of America however it has now been open to the public. It has a convenient interface but still, we would recommend it more for intermediate level students who would already have a basic from scratch knowledge of the language and are pursuing it to gain expertise in it. This is a must considering a platform for anyone who has even a little prior knowledge of a language or who at least knows how to read or speak that certain language to gain expertise later on. The foreign services institute offers you around 70 courses with an in-depth outline of the course resources and materials. This website would be rated an 8/10 because of the lesser number of languages offered compared to the rest.


We have discussed in detail several websites where you can go and start your journey if you are into learning new languages for your benefit. They are free of cost with premium subscriptions and you will gain expertise in languages by starting on these websites. Just sign up to one of the best internet services with Xfinity and enjoy app downloading of all types and genres, even games and streaming will be hand-on available with a smooth experience for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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