Image Skincare Announces The Expansion Of Their Programs

by Hamid
Image Skincare

There are a variety of opportunities for the Image Skincare community to learn about the brand’s expertise and expand. Their knowledge of skincare through a range of upcoming events and immersive experiences. Image Skincare has been revered as a clean. Clinical beauty brand beloved by professionals and consumers alike for more than twenty years.

Janna Ronert, co-founder and chairman of Image Skincare says a new era has begun in the beauty industry. As a group, our team has been astonished and saddened by the fact that so many of our beloved professionals have had their businesses completely upturned. That many of our users have had to change their skincare routines completely. The first thing we asked was. ‘What can we do so that we can provide them with the best service possible?’.

Lastly, our priorities for the year 2022 were to be support and empowerment. In order to show our appreciation and commitment to you. This year we are bringing forward a whole new calendar of programs that are geared both to our professional clients as well as our direct consumer clients. In our efforts to provide more comprehensive and in-depth skincare education. Our goal is to provide resources that will allow the general public and professionals to become more knowledgeable about skincare. Either for their own benefit or the benefit of their clients,” says Ronert.

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As part of Image’s programming, you’ll discover the following items:

  • We’re having a global launch party

In the past ten years, IMAGE Skincare has held a worldwide launch party for its skincare products. We have never failed to host a worldwide launch party for our products. Their annual launch event is one of their biggest events of the year and presents professionals with a unique opportunity to discover, celebrate and launch new technologies, apps, and products. In general, one thing that we can say is that the company generally throws in-person parties. As well as Twitter parties in all major cities worldwide, from Singapore to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. With the release of IMAGE Skincare’s first virtual celebration of its new products, namely: ILUMA® intense facial illuminator, ILUMA intense brightening exfoliator, and VITAL C hydrating facial mist.

IMAGE Skincare introduces early two of its new products until they go on wide distribution in November. ILUMA® intense facial illuminator and ILUMA intense brightening exfoliator. There are several products in this collection that are expertly blended to achieve a healthy, radiant glow and even out the tone of your skin. It was also possible for professionals working in skincare to take advantage of a wide range of discounts offered at the event.
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  • Creating a master class in partnership with celebrity aestheticians

Celebrity esthetician, Candice Miele, is a woman who is known for creating immaculate complexions for celebrities, as well as top models. The IMAGE Skincare master class was held on March 4, 2018, during which Miele and Robert presented their latest products to a select group of editors and influencers and demonstrated. How some of them could be applied to achieve remarkably radiant and glowing skin.

  • Marketing direct to consumers reaches a new level

It was Tom Sandoval of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ fame, who co-hosted the company’s very first direct-to-consumer launch event on March 3, with a focus on gaining exclusive access to the brand. Sandoval provided a cocktail-making tutorial that featured ingredients with anti-oxidant and skin-loving properties.

Imagine Skincare can be summed up as follows:

It is our goal to make sure that our products provide clinically effective results by only using the best ingredients and smart botanicals. In order to construct formulas that are natural, effective, and mindfully designed. Our pioneering work on the field of clinical skincare has resulted in formulas that are natural, effective, and mindfully designed. As a member of our skincare family. You will be able to feel your best and feel confident about your skincare – and about your skin – knowing. That all of our products have been medically formulated and thoroughly tested by a team of experts.

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