Huaraches food Mexican – Origin, recipe and how to eat?

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huaraches food

If you are a person with an immense appreciation for multi-cultural cuisines and tones of different flavors they bring then you will love to know about Huaraches Food. This is basically a delicious dish of Mexico that is present for ages and is recently gaining more and more popularity these days on the internet. Moreover, as this food is very popular so it is worth trying out. Mexico is rich in heritage and culture with food as a huge part of it. Mexican food is present in a diverse range of flavors and each recipe carries taste from the different regions of the country. Among the most popular foods of Mexican cuisine are tacos, guacamole, and chilaquiles with their globally prevalent appreciation.

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What exactly is huaraches food?

It is referred to as thin Masa ovals with a shape resembling the sole of a Mexican sandal type which is known as huarache. This is very popular among Mexicans that includes smashed pinto beans at the center with a base of Masa dough which is in an oblong shape. You can make Mexican food at home by frying the Masa dough base at first and then topping it with potato, onions, red or green salsa. You can finish the dish for serving by using queso at the end. It is also a famous dish among the Mexicans living in America.

What is the origin and background of food?

So it originates mainly from Mexico City earlier in the 1930s. Historians say that huaraches Mexican food was very popular among a navigation channel of Mexico known as La Viga. A lady Mrs. Carmen Gomez Medina was at a store where she was preparing tlacoyo, another wonderful Mexican delicacy. Mrs. Carmen forcefully moved to another location at Torno Street, where she made a new food invention. The shape of her tlacoyo was different than the usual one and it intrigued a lot of the local crowd and they eventually named it huarache.

However, there is another version of Mexican food’s origin which states that it was discovered back in 1895 during the time when Mexico City was full of canals looking a lot like Venice. A majority of people from the southern part of Mexico City had farms so they were selling their produce daily in the city center. Local women on the island of Jamaica were selling a dish having Masa which is corn dough with smashed pinto beans inside and a topping of a cactus along with a tomato sauce. A follower seller upon noticing the shape of the Mexican delicacy was in great astonishment and jokingly compared it to the size of a sandal that gave the recipe its name as huaraches. 

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The popularity of huaraches Mexican food

Huaraches food was becoming more and more popular during the period of 1957 around the regions of Mexico. The popularity of this unusual recipe was started to stretch to the surrounding areas of Mexico like Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and San Antonio. That is how huaraches Mexican food is very famous especially among North Americans.

huaraches food

The recipe of huaraches Mexican food

You can enjoy the Mexican delicacy of this food at home by following this simple recipe:

Main ingredients

  • Vegetable oil
  • 2 pounds masa flour
  • 1-liter warm water
  • 2 ounces all-purpose flour
  • 25-30 sweet onions
  • 12 cactus paddles
  • 12 ounces refried beans


Combine all-purpose flour, water, and masa flour in one large bowl and then knead it into the dough for 2 minutes. Then, divide the dough into twelve equal portions and fill one tablespoon of refried beans into each portion. You can then fry each portion in oil for almost three minutes on each side and top it off with vegetable salsa and some sauce of your choice.

How to eat huaraches of food?

You can either use a knife and fork or stay at ease by using your hands. As it is too easy to handle the food so it is quite alright to eat it with your hands.

How many calories are in huaraches of food Mexican?

One 12g standard huarache can give you almost 350 calories with 53% of carbohydrates only. However, you can add protein toppings to the recipe to make it more healthy and filling. Contact us for Guest Posting

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