How to grow your business on Amazon USA Seller Account in 2021?

by Hamid
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As Amazon USA continues to expand, more opportunities to make an e-commerce business by selling on the site develop as well.

E-commerce goes through an amazing surge in 2020, as buyers transferred from in-store shopping to online shopping. As the year continued, 34% of the shoppers said their online investing expand even while their overall expenditure dropped. At the end of 2020, 74% of the shoppers trusted the majority of the buyer shopping would happen online in the coming days up to 69% only months later.

These shifts show that 2021 holds huge development for e-commerce businessmen. Therefore, if you like to take benefit of the plenty of opportunities Amazon constitutes, you should first check through the Amazon seller registration method.

So, to make certain that your account is verified (allowing you to make a successful business on Amazon). We will talk to you through the updated method.

The following points, we will cover:

  • How to start a business on Amazon?
  • Creation of seller account on Amazon?
  • Is it pricy to sell on Amazon?
  • What other things you should know before selling on Amazon?

Table of Contents

 How to start a business on Amazon USA

What’s amazing about Amazon is that there is no way to begin an Amazon entrepreneur. From the career line, you select to the products you make your mind to sell. There are so many ways to be successful in the policy.

However, the points need to get up and start running on Amazon stay the same, in any case, the kind of business strategy and the product you select.

  1. Firstly, begin by determining which model of business you want to utilize

  • Wholesale

Wholesaling is the implementation of buying discounted or low-price things in bulk in a way to sell as single units in resell marketplace.


  • Private Label

Private label is the method of a reseller rebranding a product that is being manufactured already by their label or brand.

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business strategy where an Amazon retailer does not store its product checklist. But instead, move their buyer’s orders to the supplier or manufacturer directly.

  • Retail or online Arbitrage

Arbitrage is a process of searching for discount or low-cost things in brick-and-mortar (eCommerce websites) in a way to retail them online.

  • Handmade

Amazon’s handmade shoppers are the people who make their products (by hand) to offer on the Amazon marketplace. Some examples include handmade jewelry, home décor, accessories and so much more.

2. After you have inflicted on a business strategy, it is time to make your mind to fulfill the process you will use

  • Fulfillment by Merchant (FBA)
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

There are advantages and disadvantages for both processes, so make your mind look closely at both to find which one will go best for your business.

3. Next, examine the products you are going to sell

If you have got a product (so, you make your handmade products). You might be ready, but you should observe this step still to confirm that your item will have enough demand on Amazon. To aid you to determine items to sell that are high in demand of the consumer, but the competition is low. Make sure you utilize a tool such as Jungle Scout.

4. Once you have determined a product, register to become a seller on Amazon

Further details on how to end the Amazon seller enrollment method in the next heading.

What you will require to begin

To complete your registration, check that you have an approach to:

  1. Phone number
  2. Bank routing number
  3. Bank account number
  4. Government-issued national ID
  5. Chargeable credit card
  6. Tax information

5. Then, Amazon will verify your information and your application has been accepted, begin sourcing your items

If you have selected to sell the private brand, you can search for a manufacturer to make your product by utilizing Alibaba or Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database.

6. At last, make your product listing

And once you make your listing of products, you can expand your Amazon selling from there!

Creation of seller account on Amazon USA 

Once you have estimated what’s your idea on selling on Amazon, you will require revising the Amazon seller registration method, which is quite easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Go down to the page, bottom heading “Become an Amazon seller”

Look for the “see pricing” on the right corner—˃ link (under the “Make Money” header) and open it.

Note: if you tap on the orange button of “Sign up”, you will be headed to the registration page immediately for a professional seller. Select between the professional or individual account of the seller.

When it occurs to Amazon’s seller schemes, you have two choices: individual and professional.

If you are resorting to selling more than 40 items per month, then signing you up as a “professional” is your great bet. If you are selling as enthusiasm and do not think yourself to be a professional. This idea will aid you to save your money.

But, if you are designing to sell on a small scale (i.e, less than 40 units each month), choose the individual idea.

3. Put your email and choose “Create a New Account”

Once you have selected the seller idea that is better for you, the following section will pop up where you will request to put your email I’d and a password (of your choice) for your seller I’d.

When you are done, tap the ‘Next’ icon.

This will take you to another screen requesting you to put in a one-time password (OTP) make by Amazon, which will be given to the email I’d you given in the prior screen. This is Amazon‘s process of confirming the email you have entered.

After you have put that OTP to its relating field, tap the “Create your Amazon account” icon.

4. Select your “Business type” and “location”

The further step in the Amazon seller registration method is to divide the information into the following:

  • Your business type: you will be able to select your business set-up from the following choices (most comes into the “Privately-owned” section):
  • Charity
  • State-owned business
  • Privately-owned business
  • Publicly-owned business
  • None, I’m an individual

Your full name: Make your mind put your first, middle, and last names.

Your business address: this is the country in which your business is. This must be precise, as Amazon will be confirming it.

Then, tap the “Agree and continue” icon.

5. Put your private information 

From there, you will be requested to give a number in personal details on Amazon. This contains a form of recognition (either your driver’s license or your passport number).

You might also be needed to provide them your contact number. Again, this is on a verification basis.

When all information has been entered, tap on “Next” at the end of the screen.

6. Select your marketplaces

Once you have entered the personal information part, check the box under the marketplaces. This relates to the Amazon store location (eg., Amazon USA, etc). Where you would offer to sell, then tap on the “next” button.

7. Put your billing information

There is another way Amazon verifies a possible seller’s information is to check that credit card details are valid or not.

So, right after you have selected your marketplace, you will be asked to put in the expiration date of the credit cards you entered and in the number. The name that shows on the card as well.

Tap “Next” at the end of the page.

8. Put the details for your Amazon store and products

After you entered your credit card details and it has been verified, you will be requested some questions regarding your Amazon and the products you desire to sell.

To go on the next section of the Amazon seller registration method, you will require answering the following things:

  • The name of the Amazon store you plan
  • If you have a verified trademark for your products
  • If you are the producer or brand owner of the products you are selling
  • Whether or not you will get UPCs for your stock

Tap the “Next” icon after you have given the answers to these questions.

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9. Address verification

Finally, when you have finished all of the steps in the validation method, you will be requested to make sure the address of the business you entered in step number six (the “personal information” screen)

After tapping on the “confirm” icon, if the address appeared is correct that is a new screen will display. It describes that you will get a postcard at that address, across with a validation code.

Then, whenever you get the card, enter the code given into the “Enter code below” section. Tap “Next” to complete the validation method.

To get on the secure side, we suggest placing 2-step verification on the account (for increased protection). But once your business information and personal details have been checked, all you require to do get started is to log into

And that is how your seller account home page will appear (without sales yet, for sure)

Note: The Amazon seller registration method has currently changed, to help in its validation of new seller details. For this reason, a few of the requests and screens you will look at or be needed to complete during your creation of an account can differ from those outlined at the top. And to confirm you have all of the official papers you might require for verification, we highly suggest you read the verification process of Amazon above.

Is it pricy to sell on Amazon?

What’s amazing about selling on Amazon is that you can start without even spending a penny.

However, if you are thinking to utilize a private brand business strategy there are prices entangled in a way to buy your inventory prior you sell it ( at a higher cost). But, it might not be as costly as you might expect.

Referring to a Jungle Scout Survey of higher than 1,000 Amazon sellers, 17% began their businesses with under $500 across the average described price is $3,836.

Plus, nonetheless, of your choosing fulfillment process, there will be a similar fees link with your seller account.

What are the fees on Amazon?

Here are some of the Amazon prices that you may need to pay:

  • Individual seller fee: This is an even $0.99 add to a single sale you put on top of the referral fee. But, sellers only have to spend each item fee. If they have requested for an individual seller account, other than a professional plan.
  • Amazon referral fees: This is a payment that Amazon takes as an order for selling on its plan. It differs from type to type but varies between 12-40%. Most items have a 15% referral fee.
  • Other Amazon fees: You may have long-term inventory stock fees as well (if you utilize Amazon FBA), advertising tools, and media fees (if selling DVDs, books, etc)
  • FBA fees: If you utilize Amazon’s FBA system, you will have to check the handling costs and shipping for Amazon. This mostly works out to approximately $3.00 for small products weighing no higher than a pound. The fees go up as the products get larger or heavier.

What other things you should know before selling on Amazon?

Here are some more Amazon-selling essentials that you should know:

Selling on Amazon Prime

If you are utilizing Amazon’s FBA system and your inventory stock is enough to lie out around all over its fulfillment system, then your item will be certified for Amazon Prime.

Selling prime is important to being victorious on Amazon as it means your items will be delivered to the buyers within 2-3 delivery days. Plus, there is also an option for customers to Fast shipping that buyers love the most.

Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Amazon arranges all of its items by providing a Best Seller Rank (BSR) each. The most famous product (and the greater sales it earns), the greater the BSR.

In addition, branches (also known as parent categories) have their typology of BSRs, as do their sub-division. 


Now that you know how simple it is to take a look at the Amazon seller registration method  (and begin a business on Amazon USA), don’t waste more time. 

Begin your selling passage today!

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