How To Choose Fully Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

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fully automatic flexo printer slotter machine

An automatic flexographic printing and die cutting machine is designed for paper manufacturers, the fully automatic flexo printer slotter machine is equipped with color flexographic printing and die cutting machines, offering higher print accuracy, faster die cutting speed, automated waste disposal, and reduced human costs.

Flexo’s automatic high-speed printing slot machine for high-performance production carton boxes that make mechanical vibrators and automatic stackers.

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Specifying the outline

  1. This line is usually able to finish multi-process of one-time pass mainly to save time to make a corrugated sheet, then corrugated carton box, labor cost is corrugated carton box. Use of a wide variety of packages such as fruit packages, beverage packages, furniture, electrical parts, etc…
  2. The fully automatic flexo printer slotter machine prints slot machines that can be easily combined with an inline holder Gluer (if the manufacturer) and adds a forwarding device to make the whole line more efficient so the total line is in operation Need only 3-4 people.

Main features

  1. Fully automatic flexo printer slotter machines and closed type Flexo printing slot machines are an advantage gear drive vacuum transfer machine for all kinds of coverings, bend cardboard, save your material.
  2. Advanced supply system, long life time, lower mistakes and power saving. Choose the non-collision to give Do not compromise the strength of the cardboard.
  3. Vacuum suction, sectioned vacuum suction with porcelain topcoat, wheels of movement Durable porcelain for accurate transmission and long-lived time saves sheet cost and force ..
  4. Closed Chambered Doctor Blade, ink-saving, special aluminum alloy for easy cleaning, 30% improved bending resistance coated, 20% saving ink supply with Nanometer’s ceramic ink automatic cleaning system.
  5. Safety and reliability Each unit for safety emergency button protection switch placed in the operation interface Place in each section for ease of maintaining and ensuring safety during the work of detail-oriented people.
  6. Free main relationship for stable precision, free main relationship application that reduces backlash and maintains printing accuracy.
  7. Reasonable order setting, version quick change, smart production of automatic zero recording after cleaning the memory of unlimited order, rational order setting for industrial computers and touch screens over 1,000,000 grades.

Functional configuration

  1. The control system adopts a new design philosophy of mechatronics, a combination of memory reset function LCD computer phase meter and planetary circumference adjustment plate system, realizes adjustment without stopping the machine, and the accuracy reaches 0.1mm. You can avoid overstocking and waste when the automatic alarm is in place in advance.
  2. In the transmission system, each transmission shaft and gear realize perfect mechanical gear running without spacing, greatly improves printing accuracy, and does not adopt a key joint ring and crosshead shoe transmission mechanism.
  3. Adopts ink transfer system, high precision Anilox roller, and ink transfer rubber roller, independent motor drive, overrun clutch separation to ensure machine stop, but ink, pneumatic diaphragm pump inking, and pneumatic lifting plate We do not guarantee.
  4. Full cast iron fence, aging treatment, machining center integration, and use of precision machined hard wallboard 140mm beam steel enhance the relationship.
  5. All machine fasting bolts all employ a screw. so which enhances standard grade 8.8 to maintain all machine stability.

Dynamic and static balance correction, running steadily under the high speed of the machine, all spindles without vibration.

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