How Social Networking Helps Travel Writers

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How Social Networking Helps Travel Writers

Although some people tend to view social networking as merely a fun method of communication on the Internet, social networking is also a vital ingredient in the travel writer’s business.

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Twitter for Travel Writers

Writers who join Twitter will find that it is a good tool for identifying other writers, reading their work. That getting tips on new jobs for freelance writers, and getting work exposed to readers. To locate new work, enter search terms that relate to freelance writers wanted or travel writers wanted. Writers can find other writers by visiting favorite blogs and following writers with Follow Me buttons. There are also various lists of favorite travel writers on Twitter.

Twitter is used extensively to broadcast new article titles, travel books, or travel blog posts to an audience of people. The more people the travel writer has on her list. The more exposure that the article will have. It is important, however, to broadcast a wide variety of messages. People will feel that the Twitter page is gimmicky if offers or new articles are announced instead of some tips, suggestions, or even some personal banter that is related to the life of a travel writer.

Facebook for Travel Writers

Facebook allows users to the network by adding people to their list as friends. Travel writers will find it useful to join groups that are related to traveling in different regions, writing and publishing books, or travel writing, specifically. Group members will post tips that are related to improving writing, the business of travel writing, or job lead generation. Like Twitter, the key to having the most positive experience on Facebook is to have as many friends as possible in this networking tool. New friendships can be forged through interaction via some of the games on Facebook and through the use of quizzes, and fun tools. Facebook also provides a platform to the network through genuine friends, co-workers, and relatives, providing an excellent mechanism to obtain referrals.


LinkedIn is a business networking tool. It focuses on networking through friendships or employment. Using work experiences, past and present. The LinkedIn connects users with people with others who share the same interests or work experiences. Users may connect to others who are in their network. Through this network, users can send messages to groups and provide short referrals for others. The messages sent are business-related, and can advertise the release of a new travel book or article. The messages may also give a job tip, or ask for industry-related advice.
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Start Using Social Networks for Exposure

All three of the social networking tools can help travel writers develop new readers and keep existing readers informed of their whereabouts or provide them with updates that will build relationships and ultimately benefit. The travel writer and the travel reading and travel writing community. When beginning to use social networking, travel writers should start slowly with one or two networks. She becomes comfortable with the tools available in the network.

Getting Started as a Freelance Travel Journalist

Becoming a travel writer takes a bit more than the ability to string sentences together. It also requires a fair amount of chutzpah and a strong ego to support the notion that there is room for one more point of view in an already crowded market.

For a writer breaking into this arena, it might seem already full to the capacity of folks who have been writing for online sports betting in the Philippines. The times are changing, however, with the advent of Web 2.0 social networks and newly accessible self-publishing options. Web forums, bulletin boards, and other websites are first stops for writers seeking peer support and publication leads.

What follows is by no means an exhaustive catalog of resources for travel writers. Most, however, offer extensive help for novices who are willing to read and do their homework.

Online Communities for Travel Journalists: Fresh Advice, Market Research, Access to Sources

TravelWriters’ website offers a bulletin board and networking opportunities for travel journalists. A modest yearly subscription fee adds access to Travel Publications Update, a database of outlets for travel stories with editorial contacts. Other features include syndication opportunities on a related site,, a tracking database for keeping tabs on queries, and profile pages for writers complete with links to writing samples and clips.

WritersMarketPlace’s website requires a paid subscription for access to its online forum. Subscribers also gain access to notices of upcoming press trips. A special feature of Writers Market Place is its weekly contest showcasing travel photographs.

Learn Travel Journalism by Following Blogs, Paid Newsletters, E-Zines, and Online Courses

The the TheRenegadeWriter website is the popular blog of widely published magazine writers Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell, who co-authored The Renegade Writer and Query Letters that Rock. In addition to Linda’s online seminar “Writing for Magazines,” the site sponsors several other online courses of special interest to travel writers. is the home of Travelwriter Market Letter, a paid-subscription newsletter with story leads and press trip announcements.

MoneyTheWriteWay website is the site of veteran travel writer Carmel Mooney and offers free newsletter archives going back to 2002, nonetheless valuable for beginners. Carmel’s book for beginning travel writers, Been There, Comped That, is available for purchase as a download or through print-on-demand technology.

Live Seminars: Expert Mentoring for Travel Writers and Photojournalists in Supportive Surroundings

Limited to 60 participants on a first-come, first-served basis, the SATW Institute for Travel Writing & Photography, held each January in Orlando, Florida, is always a sellout. Unlike other SATW events, the institute welcomes members of the general public.

Another highly respected seminar for aspiring travel journalists is the yearly Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference in Corte Madera, California, just across the bay from San Francisco. Chaired by Don George, the August 2018 conference features distinguished faculty members including Isabel Allende, Pauline Frommer, Georgia Hesse, and other leading writers and photographers.

Professional Organizations for Travel Media

As writers begin to publish and establish a professional identity, professional organizations provide continuing education, recognition, and face-to-face networking opportunities. Each organization has its own culture, membership requirements, and fee structure. Worth considering are

SATW, Society of American Travel Writers

NATJA, North American Travel Journalists Association

BATW, Bay Area Travel Writers

MTWA, Midwest Travel Writers Association

IFWTWA, International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association

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