How Many Shrek Movies Are There?

by Hamid
how many shrek movies are there

As recently, the release of Shrek 5, you might be thinking of re-watching the previous Shrek movies. So, this article How Many Shrek Movies Are There?  will help you a lot because I’m going to show these movies sequence-wise. There are four parts of the Shrek movie currently. There is a list in the following of all these Shrek movies in the year of their release such as:

  • Shrek (2001)
  • Shrek 2 (2004)
  • Shrek the Third (2007)
  • Shrek Forever After (2010)
  • Shrek 5 – Upcoming

Table of Contents

Shrek Movies sequence

1. Shrek (2001)

He is an ugly, stinky, and grouchy ogre who quietly lives in a swap. Therefore, one night, he finds that his realm invades by a swarm of animals (fairy-tale) such as Peter Pan, Cinderella, Pinocchio, three little pigs, and Snow White. The donkey character is quite funny and he just talks a lot. Shrek meets Lord Farquaad along with the donkey, asking for the return of the territory.  Farquaad bashes a bargain with Shrek, telling him to in return he wants his swap, he must save Princess Fiona from the fortress of dragon-guarded. Know more about How Many Shrek Movies Are There?

Shrek along with his donkey tries to save the Princess and save them from being attacked by the Dragon. Fiona doesn’t feel good that she is being saved by an ugly ogre rather than a handsome Prince. Besides their differences, Shrek and she developed a love for each other. But somehow Shrek comes to know that she doesn’t love him because he isn’t beautiful at all. She tells the truth to Shrek and transforms them back into pretty princesses. Lord Farquaad comes and whisks Fiona back to his castle, while Shrek goes back to his swamp. Both of them are unhappy.

Furthermore, Donkey, Shrek, and Dragon go to Farquaad’s castle to stop Fiona from marrying him. Farquaad wants to marry Fiona but she doesn’t want to marry him. Later Farquaad denies marrying her and puts guards on everyone. But Dragon comes to save and destroy Farquaad. Fiona and Shrek kiss. As a result, Fiona stays ugly. She will be a hideous monster just like Shrek.

2. Shrek 2 (2004)

The movie starts with a “perfect” prince being upset after knowing Fiona has been freed already from her tower.  The plot then alters to Fiona and Shrek, who get married. They are having a great and on their honeymoon. They come back to search Donkey impatiently expecting their homecoming. And we come to know that Dragon and Donkey’s romance did not go so well. Shrek expels Donkey, but then they find a letter from the parents of Fiona. The Queen and the king of Far away! Shrek makes a plan to not go when he gets to know Fiona’s parent’s shocks if they look at her and him as ogres.

But after a few prodding, Shrek pleases into Fiona’s wish to meet her parents. Going back to Shrek, he finds out an old journal of Fiona’s and makes a plan that he needs to be a human. Donkey, Puss in Boots, and Shrek break into Fairy Godmother’s Factory and loot “Happily Ever After”, a bit that changes Shrek into a handsome man. Fiona transforms into a human princess, while Donkey into a horse. Fairy Godmother reveals as the villain’s story has her son. Charming, barter places with Shrek and assures Fiona that he’s Shrek in human form. She gives the king a bit that would make her fall in love with the guy she kisses, who Fairy Godmother desires to be Charming.

Puss in Boots, Donkey, and Shrek are imprisoned but are in jail then releases thanks to the Pinnochio, Gingerbread Man, and others. The plan to stop Fairy Godmother’s gala ultimately would kiss Charming. Friends of Shrek visit Muffin Man, who makes a Gingerbread Man the size of Godzilla to help them in breaking the walls of the castle. Will Shrek reach on time to secure Fiona from falling in love with the wrong person?

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3. Shrek the Third (2007)

“Shrek The Third,” which re-tells the gregarious, lovable green ogre, clearly finishes the tremendously entertaining trilogy of the parodies of fairy tales. Furthermore, not knowing the lifelike animation, spoofs and running jokes of iconic movies too tremendously has cheerful music, to make sure that this crowd-cheerer will entertain the whole family. The Gingerbread Man, on the other hand, doesn’t get old. Princess Fiona and Shrek return almost to the comforts of the swap when King frog croaks. However, both artistically and technically, the Shrek features keep going to enhance. The screen is appreciated with amazing graphics, consisting of shading, ultra-realistic textures, shading, and smooth human-like animations, and closely faultless motions. “Shrek the Third” is self-righteous its predecessors in form of entertainment and animation value.

4. Shrek Forever After (2010)

He always employs a looking ingenious way of showing the old but same characters fascinating and new by changing roles, rewriting history, and deleting memories. The location is similar, but those in the position are not, which affects the feel and appearance of the world also the majority of the people dramatically. Shrek has only 24 hours to save the destruction done by the arrogant dwarf’s treachery, which could be the reason for changing the current day significantly, by finding Fiona and making her be in love with him again just like before. The leading heroes all play almost identical roles didn’t aware of Shrek’s impact on their lives. Unfortunately, the crew’s “amnesia” concludes in repeating the acts rather than diverse encounters significantly.


Because all the movies of Shrek link with each other and choose the story from the end of the previous movie, it is essential to watch all the parts of Shrek’s movie to enjoy and comprehend the tale of Shrek. The upcoming movie, Shrek 5 was released in 2016, but there is little news that its progress is being done in the upcoming years. Keep reading How Many Shrek Movies are there? According to the reports, it will hit on the cinema on September 30th,2022 done by the streaming platform in November.

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