Here Are Four Ways Managed IT Support in Edinburgh Can Increase Your Profits

by Hamid
Managed IT support in Edinburgh

There is a constant search for a silver bullet that will keep expenses flat and increase revenue at the same time.  Making decisions requires balancing risk and reward. Silver bullets do not exist.  Do I need to hire anyone else to sign this new account?  Do I need proactive network monitoring tools to ensure my staff’s productivity?  Whether security is worth more investment when the risk of hacking increases?  There is no easy answer to these questions. How you perceive risk and reward greatly impacts the decision.

When you don’t have enough experience or knowledge, you can perceive risk as high.  A business owner is unlikely to have expertise in technology, which is why they turn to those around them for assistance.  When you’re not comfortable with your current IT team, you need to make your own judgments.  What can you do to avoid that risk?  Choosing a managed service provider (MSP) that offers first-class help desk services in addition to strategic advisory and security services can reduce your exposure to technology risk. Four major aspects for your bottom line will improve when you partner with managed IT support in Edinburgh.

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An enterprise-grade tool for a fraction of the cost

Some technology tools, although basic, can be extremely expensive to purchase, maintain and hire employees.  Small and midsize businesses are particularly vulnerable to this.  The recommendation that businesses have proactive operating system patches applied to their servers and workstations is widely known, along with a strong backup system, managed network firewalls, anti-virus, and malware protection.  Proactively monitoring your network is also essential in order to avoid production slowdowns.  Each of these tools comes with enterprise-level tools. When a large organization has many employees, the cost of purchase and maintenance can be spread over a large group of them.  These tools and expertise can be provided at a fraction of the cost by MSPs since they can spread the cost of these tools across their entire client base.
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Both organizations benefit from reducing IT issues

It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly insignificant the technology issue is, it drains profit. It shakes you to your core when they cause an outage, regardless of whether you notice them when they happen.  MSPs and internal IT staff have little incentive to solve these problems using time-and-materials models.  These teams keep jobs and generate profits every time you encounter a technology issue.  The incentives for minimizing them aren’t strong at all.  On the other hand, MSPs that operate on a fixed fee basis are obligated to resolve your technology issues.  Every call your team makes to the MSP’s help desk has a direct impact on both your business and the MSP’s.  Direct-incentive plans can be a great motivation for you and your MSP to reduce downtime and find real solutions. Continue to read to know: Managed IT Support in Edinburgh.

A full-time technology resource is expensive and not always needed

A small- or medium-sized business does not need a technology security officer, database administrator, or high-end network engineer.  On the other hand, their expertise is sometimes needed.  It is expensive to hire and retain these experts, and there is seldom enough work to keep them happy.  It is possible for an MSP to provide many of its clients with the same enterprise-grade tools described above and keep them in the loop.  By utilizing their expertise when necessary, you can save money when you do not.  In this way, you are able to maximize your systems’ performance and reduce their costs.

A variety of business models are available to MSPs for free

One of the biggest challenges for a company is avoiding becoming myopic about what needs to be done.  Taking a fresh look at a problem or opportunity is always beneficial.  It can be difficult to gain experience when it’s all affiliated with the organization you work for.  One of the advantages of a managed services provider is that it works with companies of all sizes and in all industries.  When your MSP works with you in a strategic manner, you can tap into fresh perspectives without incurring extra costs.

Profit maximization and risk minimization are the goals of every business.  Applied Tech’s outsourced technology solution, TechCare Complete, provides complete technology solutions.  Additionally, we offer TechCare Co-Managed, with all the tools and expertise that enhance the efforts of your IT team.

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