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In a business corporation, you must have high amounts of sensitive information, so much confidential, and much banking information. You need to protect them from various outside sources. This information is required to get monitored closely so that you can get high data integrity and safety. The CISM is known as a certified information security manager. Is specially designed for the experts in the field of information security managers, and supervisors. You get to learn about various information security governance; you get risk management techniques and incident management. All this knowledge is benefited from the CISM certification.

The certification is designed for those who want to manage the issue and creates strategies, and monitor the problem in an organization. The role of this job is to primarily focus on security management. The best things about this certification are that it provides you with international best practices and high industry standards. The CISM certification is certified by ANSI, which means you get exposed to the highest standards in the industry. Having this certification, you get the scope in the highly prospective sector. The CISM certification involves the people who are expertise in the field of monitoring and managing.

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CISM certification

Getting the CISM certification helps you to encompass high disciplines in this information security. In this certification, you get four special domains. The candidate must get clear in their mind about these domains before they enter the examination courses. The domains are information security governance 24%, information risk management and compliance 30%, information security program development, and management 27%, and information security incident management 19%. The examination is now in computer-based testing methods. You get to experience a secure, consistent, and enhanced examination pattern. The exam is multiple-choice questions. The exam is held for around four hours. There are a total of 150 questions to appear in this duration. The score of the examination is around 200-800 points.

You can get a pass mark if you get around 450 points. Coming to the registration fees, for early registration, you can pay US $525 if you are an ISACA member. If not, then pay US$710. For final registration, you can pay US $575 as ISACA member andUS$760 if you are a non-member. You can check the recent fee structure from the ISACA website.
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Before you go for taking the examination, you need to follow some serious points that will help you in getting better marks like

  • Read all the information on the certification examination from the ISACA’s exam candidate information guide.
  • Try to learn and think like a manager.
  • Try to make good use of the right resources
  • Always take the practice exams
  • Create your own study plans
  • Get yourself involved in an exam prep course
  • Join the CISM exam study communities for a better outlook.
  • Have an exam day preparation plan.
  • Before visiting the exam, clear your mind.

Because CISM is a very difficult certification to sort after, therefore it becomes more difficult to find the potential candidate. For that, there are specific points we need to follow in order to become a highly certified CISM candidate. Let’s have a look at it.

  • Passing the examination= you need proper focus on the exam in order to pass it on the firsts attempt. There is a various domains that you need to look after when you are preparing for the exam.
  • Comply with the code of professional ethics= the members in ISACA or any designation holder of CISM must get on point in the field of code of professional ethics. This will help in guiding both professional and personal conduct.
  • Participation in CPE Program= is all about the qualified candidate and to keep up their knowledge high.
  • To get better work experience= you need to submit the verified evidence of your work experience. You need at least five years in the information system field and a minimum of 3 years in the information security management team.
  • Submission of CISM application to ISACA= is the final step where you will submit your CISM application. You can only do it after passing the examination. You can do it in the online process.

There are lots of things that a CISM candidate needs to follow. Here we have given you a simple and brief explanation of the CISM exam rules and patterns.

It is a worthwhile certification if you get interested in taking it. This certification is in high demand and plays a high major role. You get both professional and managerial skills through it.

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