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You may have seen numerous adverts for making money online. Wpit18 Philippines has had a lot of viral ads that have been aired frequently. If you’ve ever been curious about Wpit18, ads like this one explain what it is and how it works.

In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Wpit18.com. Wpit18.com is the official website for registration for roster tournaments in the Philippines. This website can be used to register for this event. This tournament pits the best roosters against each other, with the winner receiving a huge sum of money.

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What is Wpit18.com?

Wpc2021, formerly known as Wpit18, has been renamed. The world pitmaster cup is abbreviated as Wpit. It’s a betting platform where individuals can watch live rooster fights and place bets on them. Originally, the event was held in the Philippines. To participate, you must first have 100 points, and then you earn points when you win the wager.

This website is quite popular in the Philippines, with thousands of visitors each day. Many nations have banned this website because it promotes animal cruelty and is a gambling site deemed unethical in many countries.

When was Wpit18 held?

WPC stands for World Pitmasters Cup, an online competition held in the Philippines. Cockfighting fans regard it as the best in the world. We will pit roosters in a ring against one another at this event to entertain guests. Wpit18 is still going strong despite the name change. These individuals are all engaging in a bet with their chickens and fighting amongst themselves in the Philippines.
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Is this a sensible game?

We don’t give this event legitimacy because small creatures, chickens, or any other species can make do in the cosmos. People interact with animals because they don’t have hearts. In carnivals, creatures are used, and the performers treat them with reverence.

Individuals also use creatures for various purposes, including filmmaking, ensemble theatre, carnivals, and, in certain circumstances, eating. These include a level of ferocity. What would you feel if someone treated you this way? I believe you should end your life. Creatures, too, have a day-to-day existence. This shouldn’t be the case with them.

What is the game or occasion’s interaction?

When you arrive at Wpit18 Com enlistment, you will notice many people playing this game and battling with chickens (a vital technique).

All participants who recall their names for the game should follow the rules since they must register with the event’s organizers.

When all mechanisms are in place, people will trust that movement will occur on the site and will begin to watch how the chicken is treated in the episode.

We need to screen the chickens as part of the Wpit18 Com registration process since the draining volume is overly large, causing the chickens to pass on frequently.

How does it work?

Precise criteria were followed to ensure that the event ran smoothly. These guidelines should be followed by all members, specialists, and others.

You must register with the administration to be a part of this fight.

At whichever time it is held, this event will draw a good crowd.

The game is broadcast in real-time (Wpit18 Com live) and necessitates extensive preparation.

The audience at Wpit18 Com registration pays special attention to the cockfighting in this event.

Is Wpit18 a legal entity?

Answering this question isn’t simple. This website is entirely legal in some countries, such as the Philippines and many Asian countries, and it attracts thousands of visitors and agents, while it is prohibited in others.

If wpit18.com is blocked in your country, an error notice will appear on the screen. In essence, while wpit18 is illegal in some countries, it is allowed in others.

Wpit18’s Registration Process

The registration process for wpit18 is fairly straightforward. WPIT 18 can be accessed online, and registration is straightforward.

  • Visit register, and go to wpit18.com.
  • Create a new user account.
  • Please provide your phone number, name, and Facebook ID.
  • After that, you must wait for approval.
  • When you’ve been approved, go to wpit18.com and log in.
  • You can now wager on any tournament on the wpit18 dashboard, listing all tournaments.

What Should You Remember After You Register?

  • The wpit18 team provides free transportation from Sinilona to Laguna and free housing and boarding for those who have entered.
  • In the elims stage, six points are distributed. People who make it to the grand finale are eligible for various benefits.
  • Wpit18 has a large crew that handles everything from team management to cock fight organization.


Wpit18 is a complete disregard for animal rights. The objective of this site is to provide information on such barbaric acts, not to encourage contests like wpit18. Many nations have outlawed Wpit18, either because it violates animal rights or because gambling is illegal in general. Nonetheless, it is widely popular and legal in the Philippines.

We should, in my opinion, take care of birds and animals and not allow them to fight with one another. These birds have the right to live and fly without restriction. As a result, these characteristics of games should be avoided save for human desire. Gamblers should put their money into something worthwhile.

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