CBD Dosing Chart For Pets

by Eliana
CBD Dosing Chart For Pets

If you are a pet person and you happen to own a couple, then you are obligated to love them and care for them, just as you would with your kid. This means, giving them food when they are hungry, taking them to clinics when they are sick and yes! Pets do go to school as well.


Well, with these in place, it will always be fun spending time with your pet either when taking them to school or giving them food. But the feeling is always quite different when they get sick.


Therefore, it is always important to learn a few things on how you can take care of your pets at home when they feel unwell.


This sometimes means having to administer a few potions of CBD oil to the pets to treat various conditions. For this reason, let us look at a few things with regards to CBD dosage chart for cats among other pets.

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Dosages for cats

Well, this has been a debate for quite some time now. A lot of people still are not able to tell what the exact dosage is or should be. This is why you will always come across a lot of sites and blogs stating different values when talking about CBD dosage for pets.

This is also attributed to the fact that CBD is not regulated by any veterinarian bodies or the FDA. No guidelines exist on how much of the product can you give to your pets to treat what conditions. Adding to the confusion, different brands also provide the dose values in ranges depending on the type of product.

All in all, it is quite advisable that pet owners should seek the help of a well-trained and qualified veterinarian when using CBD products to treat your cat. Most websites and blogs often state it as a rule of thumb that for every 10 pounds that a cat weighs, it should have around 1mg to 5mg of CBD oil.

The range is said to be applicable regardless of the size of the cat. You can then increase the dosage from 1mg steadily until you reach the result desired.

Basic rules for cats dosing

There are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration when trying to find out the most effective CBD oil dosage for cats. These include body, diet, weight, age and the overall wellbeing of the pet. For starters, it is always a good thing to go through the dosage guidelines of well-known CBD products. Especially when they deal with cats.

Some of the great brands often have their vet-approved dosing for both dogs and cats stating that, for each pound of a cat’s body weight, you should give about 0.25mg to 0.5mg of the oil. The former is considered as a regular dose while the latter is the strong dose. They also go as far as stating what medical conditions can be treated by the said dosage.

For instance, for general wellness and health, you can give a daily dose of 0.25mg. This will help with various conditions that might come as a result of old age, immune function, appetite improvement and digestion. The regular dose can also help to treat other problems including anxiety, stress, allergies, skin conditions, nausea, joint inflammation, arthritis and small pains or body aches.

On the other hand, a strong dose of about 0.5mg can be administered to help with chronic pain relief, mobility issues, joint inflammation, and severe arthritis. Furthermore, you can use the dosage to help pets suffering from tumors, epileptic seizures, severe anxiety, vomiting, extreme nausea, and symptoms that are cancer-related. Read more here https://excitedcats.com/cat-anxiety-cbd-oil-dosing-chart/

CBD dosage chart for cats
The important thing to look at when choosing For anyone looking to buy CBD oil products for their pets, the first thing you should be looking at is the CBD potency in the product. Again, there are a lot of things that can have impacts or affect the potency of the product. These include the extrusion method, the methods used when growing the plant, and the strain produced among other things. If you are looking to find out the different potency levels that come with each product, have a look at the product labels. The amount is usually written on the labels and often listed in milligrams. There is always no standard practice when it comes to labeling the products, but the amount varies from 100mg to 5000mg for each bottle of 30ml. Also, when you check on the labels, you will notice that some brands will always state that their product is having 2400mg of CBD while others will have it as 2400mg of hemp extract. Well, you would totally be wrong to think these are one and the same thing. They are not. You need to know the difference between CBD isolate and a full spectrum product. The former is literally CBD in its purest for while the latter is an oil that is derived from a whole plant. A product with 2400mg of the extract may only be having about 50mg of the CBD compound. Another factor that can affect the potency of the product is the supplier and their product concentration. For instance, a good number of suppliers would always have low potency for a 300mg container and high potency for a 5000mg container. Click here to learn more. Well, there are always a lot of things involved but the few mentioned above are just the basics of ensuring your cat gets the correct dosage. This will ensure a healthy and happy life for your pet.

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