Cannabis Business Social Network Review

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cannabis business social network

Social networking allows any business or local pharmacy to interact, share, and engage with other businesses/customers. Boosting the sales of your goods. The Cannabis business Social Network provides you with the most up-to-date information about the cannabis business. It also provides a forum for those in the Cannabis sector to engage, similar to other social networking sites.

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Why is Cannabis Business Social Networking Important?

Commercial Sales (B2B)

Selling cannabis-related products or services to other companies.

Formation of Partnerships

Another way to form collaborations with other cannabis businesses.


Making contacts with others in the cannabis sector hopes of future agreements and partnerships.

Careers and Hiring

Depending on whatever side of the equation you’re on, you may either fill or locate opportunities in the cannabis sector.

Discussion & News

Although MJBiz and other magazines do an excellent job of keeping everyone updated, you may be able to discover their information syndicated here, as well as possibly intriguing corporate news, blogs, and community debate.

The list of best cannabis social network


WeedLife is a brand-new social media platform. It has immediately garnered a following among marijuana users. It offers a news feed where you may find out about the most recent marijuana-related businesses. You can view what other people share and even talk to them in chat rooms and forums. WeedLife is continually improving its features. To give social media marketing services to businesses looking to boost their brand’s visibility and profitability.


One of the earliest cannabis-related online networks, Grasscity, began as a website for marijuana growers. It has evolved to include specialized areas for discussing smoking, various use forms, prohibition, dispensary locations, and much more.


Weldable is a smartphone software that allows you to create an online profile and interact with other marijuana fans. Then, the consumers who wish to interact with their favorite businesses personally may easily form good relationships with you. It also gives cannabis-obsessed Americans real-time news in the 420 culture. It offers an easy-to-use view area with various cannabis plants, extracts, edibles, and seeds.


The “LinkedIn” of the cannabis sector has been named this new cannabis business social network. It’s a treasure trove of market information, methods, plans, and news. It also contains information on the firms that operate in this field and their products. This $25 billion sector offers several prospects for cannabis-related businesses looking for buyers, as well as the reverse.


MJLink is a contemporary cannabis industry social network created specifically for cannabis professionals. However, the manufacturers, producers, suppliers, dealers, merchants, and others are involved in the cannabis sector.


Duby is an iOS and Android software that works similarly to Instagram, Tinder, and Twitter. It’s a social networking platform where marijuana users may openly upload movies and photographs and communicate with other users.


The first cannabis-themed social network, MassRoots, was founded to connect college students. These students consume marijuana and frequently look for reputable stores in their area. Over a million people are already connected to this network. They’re making it perfect for cannabis businesses and shops to use for branding. MassRoots’ most remarkable characteristic is that it does not promote user interaction through discussion boards. Users are encouraged to submit feedback and product reviews. It also has a loyalty program that offers movie tickets, concert tickets, and festival passes to incentivize members to participate actively.

Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is the marijuana version of Foursquare. Hence, you may use this service to meet new people, get lovely lodgings, locate a headshop, and even locate a doctor in your area. So, the bud Hubz is a free and simple-to-use application. It is still in the beta stage of development. The program provides several benefits for cannabis companies and users worldwide. You may choose a location to visit and engage with cannabis enthusiasts in the area. You may also use this forum to educate marijuana users about your brand and the drug’s legalization.

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Who Can Benefit From Cannabis Business Social Networks?

  • Cultivators and manufacturers wishing to market their goods to distributors and dispensaries can benefit from cannabis business social networks.
  • Distributors are searching for new dispensaries to partner with, and dispensaries are looking for new distributors.
  • Businesses seeking cannabis-related products and services
  • Customers are sought by ancillary product and service suppliers.
  • People that want to work in the sector but don’t know where to start


The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding. Consequently, reaching out to potential consumers via a social media network is an excellent idea. A social networking platform may connect you with thousands of shoppers and sellers. I understand that this is a befuddling collection of cannabis social media sites. You must engage in them if you own a business or want to advance in the sector.

Every Cannabis Business Social Network gives the most effective results. MassRoots is a good place to go for privacy and product reviews. If you’re trying to employ workers or find a job, LeafWire is a good place to start. As a result, it is dependent on your requirements. The cannabis market is growing faster than we can imagine. As a result, don’t be late to participate.

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