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Athena Perample

Athena Perample was born on August 31, 1991, in the United States. She is an actor,  model, social media sensation, and fitness enthusiast.   Athena is a professional dancer with experience in various styles, including salsa and modern. Athena Perample plays the character of Alpha Queen in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, a starring part played by Athena Perample, a Michigan native. She began her career as a dancer on the show ‘Glee’ in 2011. Sh

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What is Athena Perample’s background?

Athena Perample is a dancer and a fitness expert. She models for a variety of brands in addition to becoming a fitness model. Her racial background is Caucasian. She’s well recognized for her roles in Army of the Dead: 2021, Kate: 2021, and Countdown: 2021. (2019). Athena Perample plays the character of Alpha Queen in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, a starring part played by Athena Perample, a Michigan native. In addition to acting, she is skilled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,  Kung Fu, Wing Chun Taekwondo, Aerial Silk, Mixed Martial Arts, and Judo, Bungie’s.


Athena Perample was born on August 31, 1991, in Traversa City, Michigan. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Virgo is her zodiac sign. She will be 31 years old in 2022.

Family of Athena Preamble:

Athena Perample has a strong relationship with both parents, Cundi Kay and  David Preamble. The cause of her parent’s divorce was unknown. Athena’s father, David, married a second time to Tracey Perample, with whom she and her siblings, Aiyana, Caleb, and Cree, were raised. She is also the mother of a child, according to a source. However, the father’s name is never mentioned.

Love Affairs of Athena Preamble

Athena is a stunning young actress with a bright future ahead of her. Interestingly, even though she is in her thirties, there is no news or speculation about her love affairs, unlike most other celebrities. She seemed to be more focused on her career than anything else, which she has done exceptionally successfully up to this point. Alternatively, she may not want to reveal anything about her partner for personal reasons.

Athena Perample’s educational background:

Athena Perample is a Traversa City native. Her primary education was completed at an Athens-based private school. She went on to a prominent college after graduation. Since she was a child, she has been involved in dance and modeling.

Athena Perample’s Professional Life

Athena began her career as a dancer, something she had a passion for since she was a child. According to sources, she began dancing at the age of 11 and is now an expert in various dance styles, including ballroom, hip hop, salsa, belly dancing, and many more.

However, she began her acting career in 2011 when she starred in the television sitcom “Glee.” In that episode, Athena played a dancer. Subsequently, in “The E.A.T.S. Community,” she got the opportunity to work alongside well-known actors such as Evan Warner, Jason DeWitt, Roxy Shabestari, and others.

Although Athena’s journey was relatively easy, she did not have the opportunity to introduce herself to a global audience until she starred in the Netflix miniseries “Army of the Dead.”  Zack Snyder directed this film, featuring world-famous actors like Ella Purnell, Nora Arnezeder,  Dave Bautista, and Omari Hardwick.

In Army of the Dead, Athena Perample portrayed the part of Alpha Queen, and it’s no surprise that you’re reading this article due to her fame. Let’s look at the character she plays in this Netflix original film.
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Athena’s net worth:

Athena is a well-paid actress. Her acting has earned her a net worth of 30 to 35 USD in 2021, and acting is her primary source of income. Based on her excellent career, Athena’s net worth is believed to be between USD 5 and 6 million.

Businesses of Athena Preamble

Athena has made money in various ways, including through her enterprises. Her athleisure line, a beauty line, and a production firm are among her many ventures.

She also owns many other businesses, including a premium hotel network and a vodka company. Athena is a successful entrepreneur who understands how to make money.

Charity Work by Athena Preamble

Despite her affluence, Athena is not a stingy spender. She is a highly charitable person who frequently donates to charities. She has, however, established her foundation, which donates funds to a variety of charities.

He has also contributed funds to constructing schools and hospitals in undeveloped countries. Furthermore, Athena is a warm-hearted individual as well as a savvy businesswoman.

Athena Perample, as you can see, is a very successful woman. She has worked hard for her fortune and is not hesitant to share it. She is a source of inspiration for all of us.


As a result, Athena Perample is an incredibly accomplished woman. She has worked hard for her fortune and is not hesitant to share it. She is, nonetheless, an encouragement to all of us. If you want to be as successful as Athena, remember that dedication and hard effort are essential.

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