A Beginners Guide to Easy Metal Bass Songs

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A Beginners Guide to Easy Metal Bass Songs

Playing metal on the bass guitar is an exercise in perfect time and pure endurance in many cases – the insane tempo of many metal songs demands energy and dedication to learn. While the bass portion of many heavy metal tunes can be somewhat simple in terms of actual construction – it would be unwise to underestimate the skill involved with playing some of the most brutal forms of music extant.

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Metal Health Will Drive You Mad

A great song for aspiring bass metalheads to learn would be one of the classics – an offering from 1983 from L.A. Metal band Quiet Riot, “Metal Health”. With a neat and recognizable intro and a fairly standard tempo with only a little variation thrown into the mix during the chorus, the song is very easy to learn and is a blast to play with a band. All portions of the song are fairly easy for bandmates to learn so this is a prime target to tackle with some mates.

Funk metal band Rage Against the Machine exploded onto the international music scene in the 1990s with the release of their self-titled album. With lyrics espousing political subversion against fascist and authoritarian government alongside revolutionary and anti-capitalist sentiments the band quickly rose to stardom both as a protest movement as well as a new force in countercultural music.

Popular songs

One of their more popular songs, “Killing in the Name” is a blast to play on the bass – extremely funky with some neat slurring patterns thrown into the mix. It is also a perfect song to practice hammer-ons.

The bassline on all Rage Against the Machine albums is extremely easy to pick up in the mix and should be quite easy to play along with in times where jam sessions fall by the wayside.

One of the most influential genres in the genre over the past decade has been the rise of death metal as one of the most popular forms of heavy music – particularly given the popularity of Children of Bodom, Slayer, Devildriver, Lamb of God, and Slipknot. Alongside this puncturing of the mainstream, Adult Swim began televising a short animated feature known as Metalocalypse, featuring a fictional death metal band known as Dethklok.
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Dethklok may be a band comprised of two members, Brendan Small and legendary drummer Gene Hoglan – however, their music is extremely well produced and commercially successful. “Go Into the Water”, the song from the premiere season finale, is a deep and brutal (but relatively easy) song to learn for aspiring metal bassists.

Blacker than the Blackest Black

Heavy metal is a genre that encompasses a great deal of hard and fast music – a brutal and frenetic playing style that attracts all sorts of bassists. Due to the great amount of raw energy present both in the playing of the music and during live performances. Metal is an extremely political genre as well, being one of the current voices of the musical counterculture with a very lively independent and underground movement.

While it may be frustrating attempting to learn some of the more difficult metal songs, practice makes perfect – and dedication to the genre can do nothing but assist players in becoming more proficient metal bassists.

Easy Rock and Hard Rock Bass Songs for Beginners

Playing rock and hard rock on the bass guitar can be a very rewarding and fun experience – it is one of the most common genres of popular music and just about every musician will need to learn a few rock songs. If they want to play at the bar, pub, or local community hall or event. Rock music affords a great opportunity to improve timing and rhythm while learning a bit about hammer-ons, slurring, and other techniques.

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Long Live the 80’s, Some Canadian Flavour

One of the easiest songs to learn, yet one of the most fun to jam within a band is most likely “New Orleans Is Sinking” by The Tragically Hip, a Canadian rock band with iconic status in their home country. Originally released in 1989 on their debut album “Up to Here”, the song features a simple bassline with a few variations completed by a very simple break.

Another well-known rock anthem that is fun to pick up on the electric bass is “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, by Scorpions (that’s right, it’s not The Scorpions!). Most likely their most famous song alongside the likes of Winds of Change and No One Like You, the Scorpions’ catalog is filled with catchy hooks and simple but driving riffs.

Finally, a great melodic song to play with a few other musicians is Def Leppard’s “Foolin’”, from the Pyromania album released in 1983. With a simple but unique intro that features a long slide, a neat rhythmic open A string, and a catchy chorus – “Foolin’” is a great hard rock tune that is fairly simple to learn and easy to play in time with others during a jam.

Have Some Fun, Be Patient

In order to be a successful bassist, it is supremely important that you truly enjoy the time spent practicing.

Certainly, it can be frustrating, but the rush of being able to play through an entire song – or even just the hook or chorus – should be more than reward enough. Gathering up a few friends who are open-minded and just looking to learn a few things together can be infinitely rewarding. They playing with others expands the player’s experience a great deal and will teach more about tone and rhythm than any amount of playing alongside a CD player or iPod ever will.

Patience and perfection go hand in hand, it is key to remember this when trying to better your skills as a bassist. Rock on, have fun, and learn a few new things each day. It will help to get a grip on a music fast.

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