A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Plant on an Online Delivery Store

by Hamid
Plant Delivery Online

You finally caught the plant bug! You visited a friend and their leafy green friend beside the window got you thinking how wonderful it’ll be to have one for yourself.

Luckily, you can easily buy plants online. A look at the several types of houseplants available at Planted Pot`s websitewill give you an idea of the options you can choose from.

But there are so many what-ifs. What if you can’t find the right plant? What if you can’t care for it when it arrives? What if you end up buying a bad plant? The what-ifs can go on and on. But they are only there to frighten you and make you give up your dream of being a plant parent.

Thankfully, we know the right thing that will make this experience a lot less daunting for you. A beginner’s buying guide, and guess what this article is. You guessed right. We are here for you and will be from the start down to the end. We will hold your hand and ensure you have the best experience as you shop for that new plant.

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Questions You Have to Ask Yourself

Before going to the store’s website, you need to have an idea of the type of plant you need. This can help you streamline your search once you are in the store.

The plants that will best suit you will be based on the following questions. So, you need to ask these questions, and properly answer them first before you proceed.

Question 1: Where Can I Put The Plant

Your home should be a major deciding factor on the type of plant you buy. So, consider the area you want to keep the plant once you get it. This will help you figure out what the plant’s size and even type should be. For instance, a narrow area would need a hanging or skinny plant.

Aside from the size, the decoration of the area may also influence your choice. You may need your new leafy friend to be able to match the area’s décor.

Question 2: Will My Schedule Accommodate This?

Most plants are low maintenance and shouldn’t take too much of your time. Yet, the maintenance level of plants varies from one to the other.

How free will you be to notice the changes that mean your plant isn’t doing too well? If you aren’t too free, it’ll be best to only look for plants that do not require a lot of maintenance.

Plant Delivery Online

Question 3: What’s the Brightness Level of the Area I am Considering?

Lighting is a very important factor for houseplants. Visit https://extension.umn.edu/ to find out more about this. While the light requirement varies from one plant to the other, all houseplants need enough sunlight to grow well.

This is why the final question to ask yourself is what is the brightness level of the place I am considering keeping the plant? If the area gets direct sunlight, then a plant that needs direct sunlight should be your go-to. If the area is shaded (that means the sunlight isn’t direct), then plants that require indirect sunlight should be your choice.

Once all these questions are answered satisfactorily, it’ll be time to start shopping.

Things to Consider When Shopping For Plants Online

The following are some of the most important things to consider as you go online shopping for plants:

1. Plants Specifications

Remember all the questions you kept asking yourself before you got to this point? This is where they become relevant.

The plant’s specifications will determine whether it is a fit for the kind of plant you need or it isn’t. Most online vendors typically display each plant’s specifications so you won’t have any regrets in the end.

Another thing to look out for here is the maintenance level and light requirement. If you need low-maintenance plants, look for those with this tag on their specification. If the area you intend to keep your purchase doesn’t get enough sunlight, look for plants with this light requirement.

Make sure that all the requirements check your boxes and suit what you want.

2. The Seller’s Reputation

If you need a good product, you need to shop from a reliable and reputable store rather than anyone you just happen to come across.

So, before you buy a plant you found on a website, be sure to check them out. One way to be sure of the store’s reputation is to check what past customers have to say about them. You can do this by reading reviews, but these days reviews aren’t worth a lot as there are several fake reviews out there now. Read this article to find out why online reviews aren’t to be fully trusted.

Therefore, instead of relying on reviews, look for people who buy plants online and ask them where they shop from. Or if you have a particular store in mind, find out whether they have ever shopped there before. If the answer is yes, ask whether the store is reputable.

3. Shipment

Before you order, find out more about the shipping requirements. Things to consider at this point are whether the seller can ship to you and how long it’s estimated to take.


Buying plants online doesn’t need to be a hard task. For everything to go well, you simply need to find a reputable online store. From there, it’s all about considering your preference alongside the plant’s specification.

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