8 App Store Optimization & SEO Tools You Must Have In Your Arsenal in 2022

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Attracting mobile users is difficult these days, as there is too much competition. If you manually optimize your app, you could lose a lot in the long run. The time is ticking, and if you want higher rankings, you must use AI-powered tools. These tools make your work easier and provide you with results faster. If you don’t have ASO tools for optimizing your apps yet, this is the time to act.

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App Radar

 App Radar is good for beginners new to app store optimization service who don’t want to get the app store optimization service of an expert. They can learn the basics and first and later invest in advanced tools that come with a hefty price tag. App Radar is a cost-friendly tool, and small startups can benefit from this tool. Local businesses can get keyword suggestions about keywords in their languages. The tool also helps small businesses track the people downloading their apps according to country and devices. Brands can identify the factors affecting their keyword rankings and conversion rates through this tool. It is an AI-powered tool and offers frequent recommendations to increase user experience. Being a beginner-friendly tool, you need not get avail of the app store optimization service of a company if you use this app.


Many brands work with an SEO company for competitor research to increase their site rankings. App rankings don’t differ much, and you need a competitor research tool for app rankings. AppTweak is a great help for developers trying to attain a competitive edge by studying their competitors. The tool helps in identifying and analyzing keywords having the potential to rank. Also, it helps you monitor the performance of keywords over time and change keyword strategy accordingly. So, you do not need an SEO company to monitor your app performance, as automation takes care of that. The tool has various charts and maps that show the best months and worst months for the company. Brands can analyze the colors used in competitors’ apps to decide whether they should make improvements to their apps.
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SearchMan is a free tool available for both iOS and Android users. The tool helps brands to analyze the app’s visibility in Google Playstore and App Store and track its rankings. Brands can find related apps based on country and devices. They can see trending keywords and related search terms to target for higher rankings. The Keyword Spy feature helps businesses to see keywords used by competitors. The tool provides insights about your app and customizes reports based on your preferences for its premium users.


With this tool, you can identify popular keywords and do competitor keyword research. Besides these common features, the tool provides you insights on low-competition keywords. You can see a list of popular keywords ranked based on ASOdesk’s Traffic Score Algorithm and Apple Search Ids Popularity Index. It also gives you data about impressions, views, downloads, and conversions based on the device and country. Brands can see whether their paid marketing efforts are paying off by monitoring the traffic received before and after the campaigns. The benefit of this app is that you can automate user review management, and it reduces the workload of your support staff.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a must-have tool for iOS users. It offers intelligence data on the market in three areas. The first is App Intelligence which provides competition analysis, user review analysis, and app use analysis. The Store Intelligence features provide data about downloads and the revenue generated from the app for both the brands and their competitors. The Ad intelligence feature provides insights about campaigns run by competitors. With this feature, you can plan the right ad network for your brand. The Top Charts feature gives you insights into the apps having the most ratings.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a tool you need for market intelligence and keyword analysis. The tool can track five keywords at a time on both Google Playstore and Apple App Store. It provides you free insights and actions to improve your campaigns, on the recommended actions section. With this tool, you can find apps and ads ranking for keywords. Keyword Intelligence is the unique feature in the app which allows you to see the percentage of organic downloads of your app for each keyword. In this tool, you can see your app’s ranking according to different devices and countries.


StoreMaven is an A/B testing and conversion optimization app. Sometimes you don’t know whether your new plans will work. If you use an A/B testing app, you can determine whether the new changes will generate more revenue. With this tool, you can check multiple designs and find the ones that will boost your conversion rates. The app allows you to change your icons, videos, and other elements to test whether it works. It will send some of your traffic to the test URL and show the results in the dashboard. Using this information, you can plan how to make changes to your app.


Gummicube is an ASO tool that came to the market in 2011. The tool provides insights on A/B testing for various elements in the app. Its features include review and rating management, on-page content optimization. The tool is best for startups, small businesses, and agencies. The interface is simple and user-friendly, and this tool is helpful for beginners.


More and more AI-powered tools come to the market every year with advanced features. It is not possible to try all of them. So, identify what your needs are and search for the right apps. There are also free and paid apps, depending on your need. Sometimes the free app is sufficient for your brand. But when your brand grows big you need advanced tools. So, find out whether you need a paid tool or not at the current state.

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